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Immortality is not merely a reward for well-doing—although reward it may well be—but the natural intention of God for man that was manifest from the foundation of the world and from the moment of creation for each individual.

As Kuthumi has said:

It must be understood that immortality is an endowment synonymous and concurrent with Life—a birthright, not a usurpation. The overlay of wrong thought and feeling has too long veiled by an energy veil (a shroud of humanly misqualified substance) the Light that is the Life-giving essence of freedom for every atom in manifestation.[1]

Serapis Bey teaches that “immortality is of high price, and it demands the allness of men from the smallness of men.... Men cannot build out of mortal substance immortal bodies. They cannot build out of mortal thoughts immortal ideas. They cannot build out of mortal feelings divine feelings that enfold the world and create the great Pyramid of Life.”[2]

Keys to immortality

Every son and daughter of God was endowed not only with a master plan, a blueprint for destiny, but also with the tools to implement that plan in the tenets of the Law of Life. These tenets are the keys to immortality; they unlock the formulas that enable man to find and fulfill his destiny and to conquer the elements of death. It is right that men should cling to life, but let that clinging be for the fulfillment of divine purposes and for the realization of true illumination.

The Maha Chohan explains the gift of immortality to us:

Speak to your soul and say: This is a new day and a new birth! This day art thou begotten of God! This day begin the climb to your immortality and cast off the fears and doubts of your mortality. Death has no power over you except you give it power, nor does hell, nor do the fallen angels. Therefore, let the great fire of the Holy Spirit into your heart and intensify the walk with God whereby you put on daily that seamless garment of your immortality.

Immortality must be won! It is not accorded merely for an expression of faith or because you acknowledge salvation through one individual, namely Jesus Christ. Immortality is won as hand in hand with your Holy Christ Self (who is, of course, one with Jesus) you internalize—as the fire infolding itself—the magnificence of God-free being! Thus, it does take many hours and many days and, for some, many centuries to weave the plumes of the threefold flame into this gift, this bridal garment of immortality. Let the goal of your immortality, then, be the major goal you shall have accomplished by the conclusion of your life.[3]

For more information

Extensive teaching on the subject of immortality may be found in Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality, chapter 3, “Immortality.”


Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality.

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