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The Indian Black Brotherhood is a very ancient black brotherhood, with representatives in the physical and on the astral plane; the most stealthy and clever of all false hierarchies on the planet.

The members of this brotherhood have covered India with their tentacles of false teachings, and those tentacles have spread around the world through the false gurus they have sent around the world to get the children of the light caught up in those teachings before they ever meet the real gurus. The Indian Black Brotherhood is one of the most virulent on the planet. It holds the people of India in bondage to many perverted forms.


The Black Brotherhood of Lemuria, working through the Black Brotherhood of India, has taught their devotees how to manipulate elemental life through the misuse of the mantra and the misuse of the energies of the caduceus. The false prophets of the light of the true Hindus and the true Buddhists have perverted the polarity of twin flames, which manifested in the complete oneness of man and woman before the Fall.

The sacred ritual of the flow of sacred fires between the chakras of twin flames has been perverted in the misuses of tantric yoga and in the practices of certain teachers who have taught the gullible to meditate upon the sacral centers to heighten sexual and sensual gratification, and to master material forces in the body for the purpose of controlling spiritual forces. All this is done not to the glory of Christ but to the glory of the carnal mind. One and all, these teachers function without the sanction of the real Gurus of the Great White Brotherhood, ascended and unascended.

This anti-Christ, anti-Buddha activity, widespread in America and in India, is an example of material freedom side by side with spiritual bondage. Certain teachers purporting to represent the Great White Brotherhood—and others who have publicly denied its existence—teach the rites of kundalini yoga to those whose attainment does not accord them that right.

Other advanced forms of yoga that should be taught only by the real Gurus ascended and unascended are being conveyed freely, to the destruction of souls who ought to be submitting in all humility to the very first steps on the true path of initiation.


El Morya explains the motivation and the strategies of the Indian Black Brotherhood:

I perceive in this hour the great burdens upon India. And one of the greatest burdens of this nation in this hour is what we have called the Black Brotherhood of India. Not only are they the impostors of the true Gurus and Masters, but they are the impostors in government, in the economy, in the educational institutions—they are impostors in the sense that everything they do is to oppose the divine plan of twin flames from coming into manifestation.

Much of this comes from greed or the desire for power, even if that power is impure; the desire to control—the desire even to control individuals on the spiritual path by limiting their knowledge of the true science that comes from the God Himalaya. Thus they may entertain followers and disciples or chelas, but they may limit their knowledge of the Law and the use of the Light, telling them it is for their good, even as in the West in some circles Communion is served without the impartation of the wine of the Spirit; or the Teaching of Christ is incomplete because it stops before the Teaching of the internalization of the Word is given.

In this case, then, the false teacher brings but a little of the Path and withholds the rest, doling it out crumb by crumb merely to keep the followers tied to himself. He, having no Light [i.e., Christ] of his own, does live upon the Light [Christ] of others. And thus these mechanisms are highly refined—the enslavement of souls by the Black Brotherhood of India drawing a dark circle around them and seeing to it that they cannot press through to the Brotherhood of Light.

This false hierarchy, then, has come in the person of many false gurus to America, to the English-speaking nations—to Australia, the British Isles, Canada. Through the nations of the world they have come. They have taught siddhis to those who have not the Spirit incarnate of the Lord Krishna. They have given initiation of mantra to those who have not surrendered their souls and hearts to God, who have not paid the requirements of the Law. And yet these false gurus, beloved ones, they do not—they do not indeed actually transfer the highest light.

Thus a network of false hierarchs, false gurus, and false chelas is being built around the world, establishing the antithesis to the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood by promising immediate results—the results of energies in the spine or the chakras or certain powers or certain relief from suffering—all of this without the required balance of karma or the path of reunion. This, then, becomes a limitation to the divine government of India and of America, for it is the best servants and the lightbearers who, seeking the Light [the Cosmic Christ], become encumbered by and often even fascinated with the false gurus.

Beloved ones, I counsel you, then, to know that we have given to you in the path of our Teaching that which will secure you and protect you from any idolatrous cult or association which has as its foundation the avowed determination to keep you separated from your twin flame but tied to the false guru. Thus the allegiance is mandated by these false teachers to the person of the unascended guru instead of to the Person of the Godhead and the I AM Presence.

We warn because we have seen the going astray of lightbearers into these avenues. And it has cost them, sometimes for several embodiments, the scheduled union with the twin flame, the scheduled initiations with Maitreya. And the world itself has suffered; for these lightbearers have belonged at the very heart of their nation’s government, educational institutions, sponsorship of motherhood, and in the holding of the balance of the economies.[1]

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