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Pope John XXIII (1959)

Pope John XXIII (1881–1963), now the ascended master Johannes, was one of the most beloved popes of modern times. He was renowned for his simplicity, humor, charity and warm personality. During his four-and-a-half-year reign, he brought about a new era in the Roman Catholic Church by his openness to change. He convoked the second Vatican Council and encouraged progressive trends in Roman Catholic thought.

His technique to resolve issues with others

Pope John XXIII used a technique to resolve important issues with others. Heros and Amora have described how we can also use this technique:

The night before you meet with people on any matter, offer a prayer on behalf of all who will be attending the meeting. Especially call that those points of discussion you expect to be difficult be resolved harmoniously.

Before retiring, call to the guardian angel and the Holy Christ Self of all, and “ask that all parties who will discuss the matter on the morrow be taken to the Retreat of the Divine Mother to review it the night before.” Give the calls

… for the enlightenment of souls and the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold (i.e., the not-self), which would deter them through pride or stubbornness from making right decisions for right action. If you anticipate having to deal with attitudes of bigotry, prejudice, persecution or racism that come from jaded minds, invoke the violet flame the night before to consume [these attitudes] before they cast a spell on your meeting....

The Holy Christ Self (who is often referred to as the guardian angel) will overshadow and direct each one and prepare all to reach a consensus from the highest level. And when you sit down to have that meeting the next day, simply acknowledge the presence of ... the Higher Self. And see how in those meetings divine resolution, human resolution and legal resolution can come about because you have made your spiritual preparations.”[1]

Church Universal and Triumphant

The ascended master Johannes has told us that he wears at inner levels “the mantle of the spirit of oneness, the spirit of unity in the true Church,” because of his role in drawing together all Christians. It was this master who, on February 10, 1974, announced the formal inauguration of Church Universal and Triumphant and dedicated it to be the open door of the Divine Mother to receive individuals from every walk of life.[2]

He has explained the purpose of the Church in this way:

Blessed ones, some of you know that the name Church Universal and Triumphant has long been accepted as the name of the Lord’s Church in heaven. Thus, you see, the founding purpose of this Church is to bring that kingdom of our Lord, his heaven and his Church, into universal manifestation on earth.[3]

The Church comes forth so that the Mother flame can be enshrined upon the altar; and with the Mother flame enshrined upon the altar, the Church is the magnet that draws the children of God back to the ritual of ordered service and worship whereby they pass through the gate of the victory of the ascension.

The path to the ascension

The ascended master Johannes calls us all to the path of the ascension:

I am waiting for you, for the hour of your graduation from earth’s schoolroom. And in the hour of your ascension, I will be standing with the Lord Jesus, with Mary and Saint Germain, with Lanello and Archangel Michael to receive you into the company of the ascended saints of the true Church. Do we have a date? [“Yes!”] I will keep my appointment.[4]


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