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[[File:Paradiso Canto 31.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Isaiah's Lips Anointed with Fire..jpg|thumb|<translate><!--T:1--> ''Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire'', Benjamin West</translate>]]
[[File:Isaiah's Lips Anointed with Fire..jpg|thumb|<translate><!--T:1--> ''Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire'', Benjamin West</translate>]]

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Paradiso Canto 31.jpg
Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire, Benjamin West

Holy Justinius heads the seraphic order of angels. He is known as the Captain of Seraphic Bands. He serves with Serapis Bey and the legions of purity in his command. Justinius describes his order of angels as fiery beings who, with their bodies and their wings, form concentric rings around the Great Central Sun. They absorb the light of the spiritual Sun and deliver it to the far-flung evolutions of the universe, including earth, always trailing clouds of glory.

Accounts of the seraphim

Saint Francis had a vision of a seraph when he received the stigmata. While in a state of ecstasy, he saw a seraph with six wings descend from heaven. The third book of Enoch records that the seraphim “radiate like the splendor of the throne of glory.”[1]

The only biblical reference to the seraphim is in the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah had a vision of the Lord sitting on a throne, and above the Lord were seraphim, each with six wings. They cried out to each other: “Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” One seraph placed a live coal from the altar upon Isaiah’s mouth and said, “Thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.”[2] This initiation prepared Isaiah for his mission.

The service of the seraphim

You can call to the seraphim daily to purge you of all that is not a part of your God-reality. Ask them to prepare you for your mission in life. Then work with them daily until you have accomplished it. Consider them comrades, brothers, friends.

Seraphim are among the greatest healers. Justinius says, If you really want to get rid of your ailments, call upon the seraphim! “They may release the sacred fire, purge and purify, renew your bloodstream, give you eternal youth. You have but to call for it and to live the path of one who is ascending.”[3] He has also urged us to “call upon the seraphim for the healing of loved ones and all throughout the world who suffer burdens of the heart, the mind and the soul. Likewise, call for the healing of the planet and all sentient life. For as you know, the planet itself is diseased. And its inhabitants suffer both conscious and unconscious pain in level upon level of being.”[4]

Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, told us that each one who has the threefold flame of God and the worship thereof would have four seraphim to command in Jesus’ name. He said, “Send them on your missions. They come to protect you and seal you from ... world karma that is descending.”[5]

The seraphim are here to help you achieve the ultimate success of your reunion with God through the ascension. Justinius asks us to consider the goal of the ascension and “not to postpone it to another lifetime or some undefined future.”[6] You are ascending as you give back to God in word and deed and in the flow of the Holy Spirit the energy he has given you. You achieve this flow magnificently by the science of the spoken Word.

The seraphim are as “flaming streaks of fire passing through the atmosphere,... like cosmic rays they can pass through the flesh form of man, through his thoughts and feelings.”[7] The seraphim are mighty angels who possess the quality of “cosmic penetrability,” the power to penetrate the densest human consciousness and to transmute that substance instantaneously. They can absorb toxins from our bodies, our minds and our emotions, and they leave behind a residue of purity.

Justinius explains the service of his seraphim: “We come to make you white and clean, to make you whole.” The seraphim

... come to minister to the soul. And so they come passing through the microcosm, and their fire also burns the cause of disease, of poison, of the toxins that have been passing through you for so many years in the food, in the water, in the tobacco and the alcohol that mankind imbibe. Who, pray tell, will keep souls alive and evolving in these body temples if not the angels who come to minister, who come to uplift? I tell you, mankind have been spared again and again and again the last plagues and all forms of chaos and disturbance and imbalance and insanity by the very presence of the angels.

Now hear this! When they pass through your forms as spirits of living fire, they leave, as it were, the calling card of their identity. That calling card is a focus of fire tingeing your aura with the hue of the Central Sun, tingeing the aura with a halo. And for a while, then, there is that glow, that essence, that sense of well-being, that inner warmth.[8]

Justinius first became known to the outer world when he wrote the Seraphic Meditations in the Dossier on the Ascension, by Serapis Bey. Speaking of their service, Serapis has said:

I know of no power more valiantly capable of assisting anyone into his own ascension in the light than the transmutative efforts toward Cosmic Christ purity that are emitted by the Seraphic Hosts. In our retreat at Luxor the meditations upon the seraphim are a very important part of our spiritual instruction. Jesus himself spent a great deal of time in communion with the seraphic hosts. This developed in him the superior power whereby he could cast out demons and take dominion over the outer world of form.[9]

You can ask for the protection of the armour of Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands. Call for and visualize daily the silvery, platinum and white color of the armour and helmet of the seraphim. Call for the great electronic fire rings of the seraphim to surround and seal you.

“Rêve Angélique,” or “Angel’s Dream,” by Anton Rubinstein, reflects the musical rhythm and harmonies that are in the center of our cosmos and the action of the seraphim as they form circles and tiers focusing the energies of God around the Central Sun.

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