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The fallen ones are experts at dodging their karma. They avoid their karma or get others to bear their karma for them. There are many variations on this theme. They may get you or someone else to handle a situation they should be handling. You may be left paying the bill one way or another: perhaps literally, as in opening your wallet, or maybe through a siphoning of your energy. They get you to do their work. Just when you are about to confront them about a situation, they skip town or simply avoid the meeting where the situation will be handled. They often cry or plead and get themselves off the hook by using the ploy of sympathy. The messenger teaches:

The Sadducees, the Pharisees, the scribes, the legalists are karma dodgers. They dodge their karma. By milking the people of light, they set up an aura of sanctity and holiness around themselves. They set up around themselves a protection that is not the protection of God but is the energy they have stolen from the people. Look at the tremendous empires built up by the capitalists who have abused our system with their monopolies and their manipulations. Their protection is the money of the people. They are using the energy of people as money to protect themselves from their own impending karma. Other people set up energy, other people set up a personality cult.[1]

The messenger gives us a clear example of karma dodging by Caiaphas, who engineered the death of Jesus while getting the people to volunteer to bear the karma for the act:

Caiaphas says, “It is expedient that one man should die for the people.”[2] But what happens? They manipulate the whole thing.... The very magnetism of these black magicians! They knew exactly what they were doing! They succeeded in justifying the death of Jesus Christ in the eyes of the people, and the people cried out, “His blood be upon us and upon our children,”[3] which is to say, “The karma for this deed be on us and our children. We want him dead so much we will take full accountability for his death.” That was a karma-dodging act of Caiaphas and all of the rabbis.[4]

So, they get the little people to take accountability. They convince them that something should be done, and then they get them to vote for it.


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