La Tourelle

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La Tourelle, Colorado Springs

“La Tourelle” in Colorado Springs was the headquarters of Church Universal and Triumphant from January 1966 through the summer of 1976 and a Community Teaching Center from then until the sale of the property, November 1984.

In a dictation given on April 11, 1971, Omega announced the establishment of a healing focus at La Tourelle, a magnificent marble temple of Light. Upon the central altar of this temple she anchored a permanent focus of the resurrection flame and said that henceforth this place would be known as the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral.

At the time of the passing of the property into other hands, the light of the entire retreat and forcefield was withdrawn and held in the etheric octave until the opening of the vast Retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch and adjacent park and wilderness lands.

Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral

At a dictation given at La Tourelle in Colorado Springs on April 11, 1971, beloved Omega announced the erection “upon this place of a magnificent marble temple of Light ... a replica of the cathedral in the center of the City Foursquare.” She said she had come to “consecrate each atom within the precious stone with the permanence of the resurrection spiral.” Upon the central altar in the center of this etheric temple, she anchored a “permanent focus of the resurrection flame.”

I, Omega, take the flame from my heart and I light the torch upon the altar of the Temple Beautiful. I say to you, mankind: Unto you this day is given directly from our hearts that flaming spiral which can give you your immortal victory if you will accept it, if you will work diligently and follow the teachings and the laws that have been given unto you. I, Omega, consecrate this flame to the resurrection of the planet earth, to the resurrection of every man, woman, and child evolving thereupon. And I consecrate this flame to the resurrection of elemental life, to their immortal freedom and their immortal identity in the heart of the one flame of the Almighty....

Those who come and make a pilgrimage to this place with hearts full of love, of hope, who only believe and who are willing to give their all to the Almighty, these, then, shall have the preservation spiral kindled within them to make permanent the God flame within their hearts, to make permanent every cell and atom in their four lower bodies in preparation for the victory of the ascension in the Light. Unto you is given the gift of the flame and a mighty temple. And upon the scroll of Alpha is written: This place henceforth shall be known as the retreat of the Great White Brotherhood—the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral....

The cosmic cube is in place. And in the center of the cube, guarded by mighty seraphim who shall make a permanent novena to this place, is the resurrection flame.... Mighty and noble seraphim, I charge you—I, Omega, speaking in behalf of Alpha, charge you, as you make your cyclic rounds through this galaxy, to tarry in this place, to reconsecrate each twenty-four hours the Spirit of the Resurrection Flame.


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