Labors of Hercules

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Hercules slaying the Nemean lion, one of the twelve labors (c. 500 B.C.)

In August 1989 the messenger requested decree assignments from El Morya to accomplish “meritorious deeds” that would help the Great White Brotherhood, El Morya and the lightbearers of the world.

During the 1989 fall conference, The 12 Labors of Hercules, Archangel Michael announced that Hercules and the seven Elohim had come to give spiritual labors. He said:

They come to give you those assignments whereby this world may be delivered of certain increments of karma and certain manifestations of the fallen ones whose time is up.[1]

During the conference the messenger and chelas worked on twelve spiritual labors corresponding to the twelve labors of Hercules in Greek mythology. In the following years, beloved Hercules and El Morya continued to give labors for the binding of astral forces and fallen ones attacking the lightbearers. These decree assignments were also for penance, initiation and the balancing of karma.

Hercules’ original labors and our labors today

Morya has told us that the reason our beloved mighty Hercules is so close to the physical octave is that he once volunteered to embody on earth:

There came a time in earth’s history when evil was so rampant and spacecraft and aliens, and indeed there were giants in the earth and there were gods, that Hercules himself did volunteer to take embodiment to deal with those Watchers, to deal with their creation half-animal, half-human. And therefore, he did descend in another era. And he did go forth all of his days and all of his hours to challenge those fallen ones....

And therefore I tell you, Hercules’ wrestling with physical monsters now becomes for you the exorcism by the Ruby Ray of the Holy Ghost of their astral counterparts. And although it be very hard spiritual work and a certain physical, emotional and mental stress and strain, beloved, when you have that victory you know peace at a new level of victory and you know a new level of peace. And each time you have the victory that sacred fire of the Kundalini is rising and you experience a new heaven; and gradually your souls are meshing with the etheric octave so that the transition called death when it comes upon you in the natural order of things will be nothing at all, for you will already have been living in that octave for decades while yet in the physical body.[2]


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