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The Duke of Chou, an embodiment of Lord Lanto

Chohan of the second ray; an ascended master in whose presence the sublimity of the mind of God can be touched and known. A master of sages and philosophers, Lord Lanto teaches us the path of attainment through enlightenment, definition, and dominion in the crown chakra.

Having studied under Lord Himalaya and gained his mastery in the Retreat of the Blue Lotus, Lord Lanto elected to use the yellow plume to enfold the hearts of all mankind. He is dedicated to the perfectionment of the evolutions of this planet through Cosmic Christ illumination. The golden flame that he bears is charged with the momentum of God-victory for the youth of the world.


Volunteer with Sanat Kumara

Lanto volunteered with Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, to come to earth long ago for the rescue of the planet and her evolutions. One of the original Keepers of the Flame, he played a role in the earliest efforts of Sanat Kumara to fetch humanity from their darkened descent.

The bands who volunteered to accompany Sanat Kumara on his mission to the dark star sought nothing less than the rekindling of the Divine Spark in mankind who, through de-evolution, had lost the original fire and animating intelligence (genus) of their Divinity. This they purposed to do from the altar of Shamballa through the Great One who had exiled himself on planet earth for the sole purpose of keeping the flame of Life.

Lemuria and Atlantis

He was a High Priest in the temple of the Divine Mother on the continent that sank beneath the Pacific, known as Lemuria. He had other incarnations on Atlantis, as did all of the chohans of the rays.

In the last days of Lemuria, those who tended the flames upon the altars of the temples were warned of the coming cataclysm. They removed their flames, carried them to places of safety, and deposited those flames in other physical retreats or removed them to the etheric octave. It was Lord Lanto who carried the flame of precipitation and deposited it in the area of the Grand Teton mountains in North America.

The flame of precipitation is a Chinese green tinged with yellow of the second ray. This flame burning in the Royal Teton Retreat is the quality in consciousness that makes Americans extremely practical, developing an applied science in technology that takes us back to the time of Mu when that technology even exceeded what we have today. It is a flame of abundance that enables the precipitation of wealth as well as happiness and joy and the Universal Christ consciousness.

Duke of Chou

Lord Lanto embodied in ancient China as the Duke of Chou, (d. 1105 B.C.), regarded as one of the greatest statesmen in Chinese history and the true founder of the Confucian tradition. The Duke of Chou, his father, King Wen, and his brother established the Chou dynasty. They were the leaders in overthrowing the corrupt Shang dynasty and its alcoholic and psychopathic ruler.

The architect of the new government, the Duke of Chou, wrote manuals on governmental organization, ritual and propriety. He also composed music. The Duke of Chou once said, “I am only concerned with heaven and the people.”[1]

He and his family introduced the concept of “heaven” to the Chinese people and also established the idea of the “Mandate of Heaven,” or the divine right to rule. Those who were granted the mandate to rule had the responsibility to uphold it with integrity and honor. Thus it was their sacred duty to rule with kindness and justice. And if they did not, they would be overthrown and their high office would be taken from them.

Confucius looked to the Duke as his model and believed it was his mission to reestablish the principles and culture of the early Chou era, which was thought to have been a golden age. In his early life, Confucius often dreamt about the Duke of Chou instructing him in the ancient wisdom. In the Analects he lamented, “Extreme indeed is my decline. It is a long time since I dreamed that I saw the Duke of Chou.”

The most famous book by the Duke of Chou is The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine—the oldest known book on medicine in the world. It deals with anatomy and the causes, diagnoses and treatments of diseases. It describes the transformation of energy from yin to yang and back to yin in five stages through the fire, earth, metal, water and tree. Through this circle every organ in our body has its own characteristics, according to the stage of energy by which it is created and the energy that flows through it. These characteristics are expressed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The principles in this book have become the foundation of the macrobiotic diet.

It is believed that Confucius was embodied at the time of the Duke of Chou and helped him implement his ideals for God-government. When Confucius reembodied in China five hundred years later, he edited the six Chinese classics, including the I Ching, which had been written by King Wen.

Ruler of China

Lanto was later embodied as a ruler of China at the time of Confucius (551 to 479 B.C.) Together with his more renowned contemporaries Confucius and Gautama Buddha, he held the golden flame of illumination on behalf of the Chinese people for many, many centuries. This flame is anchored in China in the retreat of the archangels Jophiel and Christine, which is located in central China.

This flame is the primordial light of the yellow race which when harnessed through the illumined ones gave cultural impetus to China at a time when the rest of the world, having either rejected or missed altogether the Christ flame in the ones sent, was karmically locked in an age of barbarism. The greatness of China is reflective of the consciousness of Lanto, the master who endowed her, and of the masters who endowed him—the Ancient of Days, Lord Himalaya, Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya.

Before his ascension Lord Lanto determined that the light from his own heart flame should shine forth physically as living proof to his disciples that the threefold flame, as in past and coming golden ages, is the Word that is made flesh and that it can be thus expanded and intensified by the priority of the adept.

Affirming with (or aeons before) the proverbial Job, “Yet in my flesh shall I see God!” Lanto, by the dynamism of his decrees from the heart, his devoutness to the living Word as the Universal Christ ever with him, and his consecration of the chakras to the sacred fire of the Mother did achieve what none other in earth’s recorded history since the Fall had done: Lanto so adored the Trinity in the tripartite light of his innermost being that the intense glow of that divine spark could actually be seen through his flesh form emanating a soft golden glow through his chest. This he maintained in honor of Sanat Kumara until his ascension around 500 B.C.—“a memorial to all generations” who are the issue of the I AM THAT I AM—in order that the original lightbearers might recall the mission to illumine the dark star.

His mission today

Master of the fiery core of excellence at the heart of Wisdom’s Ray, hence devotee par excellence of the Divine Mother’s white fire lilies, Lanto remains the Guru of gurus not only of the Chinese, whom he desires to assist in once again raising up the flame of illumination, but also of all souls who share his love for the golden Sunward path of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas under Sanat Kumara.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Lanto has stood faithfully behind the efforts of Saint Germain to liberate mankind through his release of the ascended masters’ teachings on the I AM Presence and the violet fire.

On July 3, 1958, the ascended master Confucius succeeded Lord Lanto as hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat. With attainment far beyond that required either of retreat hierarch or chohan, Lanto accepted from Kuthumi the office of lord of the second ray on that date (this blessed brother who had worshiped the God of Peace as Saint Francis having already in 1956 joined Jesus in the office of World Teacher).

On October 30, 1966, in cooperation with the God and Goddess Meru, Lanto was granted the dispensation by the Karmic Board for a “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination” to pulsate three hundred feet into the atmosphere over the colleges, universities, divinity and theological schools of America and the world whose students and faculty were and would be receptive to knowledge from higher spheres. Any students of any school of higher learning may call this flame into action on behalf of the faculty and student body.

The ascended master Lanto conducts classes at the Royal Teton Retreat, the initial retreat of the Great White Brotherhood to which the neophyte may ask to be taken. Here we learn the fundamentals of the path of initiation. Because of the dispensation of opening the seven retreats of the seven chohans, many tens of thousands of souls are receiving training at inner levels to accelerate their consciousness for the New Age.

Lord Lanto also tries to give us a sense of our worth instead of the feeling of self-deprecation so common among men today:

Man is a God in the becoming, but he can never know this while he thinks earthly thoughts. He can never know this by worldly knowledge, for the things of this world are foolishness with God.[2] And in the eyes of God, the only real values are those that free man from the eclipse of being that has concealed the sun of God’s Presence from his eyes. And it is this sun that will awaken his spiritual senses that enable him to see with Saint Paul the face of the Master and to hear his cry “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.”[3]

Meditation on Lord Lanto and his golden lotus flame may be accompanied by the music of “Song to the Evening Star” from Tannhäuser, by Wagner (keynote of the Royal Teton Retreat). The wisdom of Lanto is excelled by few ascended beings serving this earth. His flame should be invoked daily on behalf of the youth of the world.

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For more on Lanto’s teachings, see the chapters on Lord Lanto in Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lords of the Seven Rays.


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