Lodestone of the Presence

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The Lodestone of the Presence is a miniature replica of the white-fire core of the I AM Presence, the focus of the Divine Father. The Lodestone of the Presence is anchored in the crown chakra.

The being of man is suspended between Spirit-Earth (the crown chakra) and Matter-Earth (the base-of-the-spine chakra). It is through the polarity of the Father-Mother God, anchored in these chakras as the Lodestone of the Presence (crown +) and the Seed Atom (base –) that the being of man is sustained in form both in Spirit and in Matter.

The descending cycles of the Alpha-Omega currents come forth from the Father aspect focused in the individualized I AM Presence and in the Lodestone of the Presence that is located in the crown chakra, while the ascending cycles of the Alpha-Omega currents come forth from the Mother aspect of the Deity focused through the Seed Atom and the microcosmic causal body surrounding it at the base-of-the-spine chakra.

As the Seed Atom rises, man literally becomes a blazing sun; for the divine union of the Father-Mother God that is fulfilled within each chalice (chakra) produces therein the immaculate conception of the Christ. When the divine polarity is thus attained in each of the seven planes of his consciousness and the Seed Atom is anchored in the Lodestone of the Presence, the perfect balance of man’s androgynous nature is realized “as Above, so below.” Having passed this initiation, man is given unlimited power to create in the planes of Spirit and Matter according to the unique designs—the patterns made in the heavens—held within his own individualized Causal Body.

The whole of the microcosm—herein defined as the material universe—is actually focused within the Seed Atom as the negative aspect of divine power. And the whole of the Macrocosm—the spiritual universe—is focused within the Lodestone of the Presence (the name given for the focus of what the Hindus call Shakta) as the positive aspect of the divine power.

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality, chapter 2, “Planes of Consciousness.”