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On the 9 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock, the line of the Holy Spirit, the hierarchy of Libra is served by mighty Victory from Venus and the Lords of Individuality, who keep the flame of God-reality for mankind, giving us our initiations in what is real and what is unreal.

The Lords of Mind, the Lords of Creation, the Lords of Individuality, and the Lords of Form are implicitly inherent in the gestation in the womb of the mother of the temple that is being built for the housing of the living God, the child of light.

In 1976 the Lords of Individuality delivered a prophecy of America to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, which is published in the book The Greater Way of Freedom. This teaching included the following explanation of the role of the Lords of Individuality in America’s destiny:

Certain of these twelve solar hierarchies were selected by Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun to guide the souls whose evolution qualified them to come to Terra, to America, to the place in the wilderness, the land that would be the heart of freedom to the earth. The hierarchy of Aquarius was selected to give to the soul of America the initiations in the flame of freedom—initiations of alchemy that the soul might realize the oneness of the flame in the creativity that marks the true genius of the legions of Aquarius....

To the hierarchy of Libra was assigned the duty of tutoring the people of America in the establishment of God-government and in the balance of the masculine and feminine rays as well as of the mental and feeling bodies. In the Constitution are set forth those laws which establish a rule of love in the freedom of the Holy Spirit which is the balance of the Father-Mother God in Libra....

To the hierarchy of Cancer was assigned the task of teaching the American people to realize their full God-potential in the consciousness of the Divine Mother. Our dealings with one another and with other nations are governed by the hierarchies of Cancer and Libra, showing the way of the Mother and the Holy Spirit as the way of freedom....

The victorious sense is a part of the soul destiny of America bestowed by the hierarchy of Sagittarius, which teaches the members of the I AM race how to “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it” in the victorious light of freedom. It is by the flame of victory that the American people will take dominion over the planes of Matter, leading the world in the conquest of time and space, solving the problems of energy, ecology and the flow of the resources of the abundant life.[1]

In 1970, Meta explained the role of the Lords of Individuality in healing:

It is important that you call to the Lords of Mind, to the Lords of Form, to the Lords of Individuality to implement the knowledge, the science of healing in your behalf or on behalf of those who have requested healing. And the more you invoke from these blessed Lords the manifestation and impetus and their full momentum of that science, the more that will be deposited in your own causal bodies of light to amplify the healing band which then you can use in future cases.[2]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, May 7, 1980.