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On the 11 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock, Lord Maitreya, the Great Initiator, and the Lords of Mind keep the focus for the hierarchy of Sagittarius, testing us in the flame of God-victory. It is through the Lords of Mind with Lord Maitreya that mankind perfect the Christ consciousness under this hierarchy.

The Lords of Mind, who figure in the creation with the Ancient of Days, set the forcefield of God consciousness within us so that we will be able to realize the self as Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit throughout the long journey of our incarnations. The thousand-petaled lotus, the crown chakra, gives us the thousandfold awareness of the mind of God that is in every cell of our being.

The Lords of Mind, the Lords of Creation, the Lords of Individuality, and the Lords of Form are implicitly inherent in the gestation in the womb of the mother of the temple that is being built for the housing of the living God, the child of light.

In 1976, beloved Kuthumi delivered a message from the Lords of Mind and the Lords of Form, which was received by him from Omega.

The Lords of Mind and the Lords of Form have examined the creations of humanity and they have pronounced their judgment:

“The children of earth have patterned their creations after the creations of the wicked. Their creations indicate impure motive in mind and heart. We return to earth the imperfect creation in order that while there is yet time and space, mankind by their own free will might re-create, might recast the mold of their creations after the matrix of the Mother. We return the unwanted goods.

“O mankind, this day thy consciousness, thy creation, is found wanting! The law declares: Make right all that is wrong! Correct your incorrect uses of the sacred fire! Appeal to God the Creator, God the Preserver, and God the Destroyer, and make your appeal loud and long as you ask for forgiveness before the throne of grace. The Lords of Karma are not pleased with mankind’s silence concerning their misdeeds and their misdoings. They would hear the word of the sincere supplicant. They would hear their prayers for the intercession of the Mother that she might give her lessons in the schoolrooms of earth. Cosmic councils and cosmic beings desire to release the dispensations of energy for the transmutation of accusation, argumentation, arrogance, and ego agitation; but they must have the imploring, the petition, the prayer on bended knee of the children of the sun.”[1]

In 1970, Meta explained the role of the Lords of Mind in healing:

It is important that you call to the Lords of Mind, to the Lords of Form, to the Lords of Individuality to implement the knowledge, the science of healing in your behalf or on behalf of those who have requested healing. And the more you invoke from these blessed Lords the manifestation and impetus and their full momentum of that science, the more that will be deposited in your own causal bodies of light to amplify the healing band which then you can use in future cases.[2]

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