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A Conversão de Maria Madalena, Paolo Veronese (c. 1548)

A Mestra Ascensa Magda é a chama gêmea de Jesus. Ela serve com Jesus e Maria, a partir do Templo da Chama da Ressurreição. A sua devoção ao Cristo ao longo dos séculos, e particularmente ao Mestre Jesus, deu- -lhe condições para desenvolver um enorme momentum do poder de cura de Jesus. Magda carrega a chama da esperança para todos que desejam superar as tentações do mundo.

Two thousand years after the ascension of her twin flame, Magda ascended from the Retreat at Luxor. She has been an initiate at Luxor since her final incarnation as the evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson (1890–1944).


Mary Magdalene

Magda encarnou como Maria Madalena, de quem Jesus expulsou sete demônios. A sua vitória comprova que todos que desejam ser verdadeiramente livres são dignos de receber o amor imenso do Mestre e, em nome dele, invocar o poder de Deus que expulsa os espíritos impuros que ganharam espaço no templo do ser. A Terra é uma escola na qual as evoluções de outros planetas e sistemas solares têm a possibilidade de contemplar o notável milagre da ascensão dos que desceram às profundezas da própria degradação, antes de reconhecerem o Cristo e, em seguida, estabeleceram o propósito de, com ele, superar todo momentum negativo que causou a queda do homem ou da mulher.

Últimas encarnações

In 1974, Magda spoke of her later embodiments:

I came to realize, as on Easter morning when he came to me and in the period of communion in the Upper Room,[1] that his message contained not only the worded release but also the potential for victory. And I realized that as he had been the saviour of my soul, of my life, so I too could be that instrument. Like a giant electrode, I could focus the flame of the Christ and expand it to all generations. And so it was granted to me to be reborn again and again in this service.

In each succeeding life I retained the memory of that precious moment, that experience when the darkness fled and light filled my body. And I found that the testing of the Lord was given in order for me to master, as he mastered, each of the centers of being. The Lords of Karma gave to me a lifetime for each of those centers in order to gain mastery and victory. This was so that I might bring forth the fruits of victory in all of the seven rays for the glorious return of the ascension.[2]

Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson

Main article: Aimee Semple McPherson

A biografia de Aimee mostra que ela viveu intensamente a serviço de Deus. No mundo inteiro, ela pregou com entusiasmo a mensagem de cura e salvação deixada por Jesus. Milhares de pessoas frequentavam os encontros de renascimento nos quais eram arrebatadas pela devoção sublime que Aimme devotava ao Senhor.

In 1917, Aimee began her monthly magazine, Bridal Call, writing and editing on the road as she carried her ministry from city to city. In 1919, prior to a sermon in Baltimore, Maryland, Jesus spoke to her about her ministry: “When you lay your hands on them, I will lay my hands on yours. And all the time you are standing there, I will be standing right back of you. And when you speak the Word, I will send the power of the Holy Ghost. You are simply the mouthpiece of the telephone. You are the key on the typewriter. You are only a mouth through which the Holy Ghost can speak.”

In Oakland, California, July 1922, Aimee presented a sermon “The Vision of Ezekiel” and received the inspiration from Jesus to call his message “the Foursquare Gospel” of Jesus the Saviour, Jesus the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Healer, and Jesus the Coming King. On January 1, 1923, she opened the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, her international headquarters. There she preached to thousands, sometimes in a costume designed to express the theme of her sermon. (For example, for the sermon on “God’s Law” she dressed in a police uniform.) From 1923–26, Aimee stayed close to the Angelus Temple. She opened her 24-hour-a-day Prayer Tower, LIFE (Lighthouse of International Foursquare Evangelism) Bible College, and her radio station KFSG (Kall Four Square Gospel).[3]

Aimee was also greatly persecuted and stood alone through great challenges, but during her entire ministry, she lived in anticipation of the day Jesus would come to receive her as his waiting bride. She ascended at the conclusion of that lifetime, and on November 22, 1990, Jesus Christ announced that Magda had finally balanced 100 percent of her karma, over forty-five years after her transition.

Reflections on her life as Aimee

The ascended lady master Magda later spoke of this and of her life as Aimee:

I rejoice to have experienced the arduous years during which I was balancing my karma. And those years were indeed arduous, for I had not embraced the violet flame that was being released when I was serving in California.

Thus, with all that I had of Jesus’ love and all of the service I gave throughout the world (even traveling by ship to Australia and to the far corners of the earth), when I passed from the screen of life, I still had my karma to deal with. And then it was, that I saw and understood and accepted the violet flame.

But for many decades, I had to apply the violet flame, not only to my immediate past life but to many prior lifetimes. And this was simply because I was never given the knowledge of the violet flame when I was embodied. The clergy of Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, never accepted Saint Germain or his gift of the violet flame, and therefore they never taught it.

Do you realize that I served in the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles at the same time that Guy and Mama Ballard were also preaching and giving the teachings of the violet flame?

How tragic it is that so many have become locked into orthodoxy so that they cannot open their minds and see the shafts of violet flame that permeated the auras of the saints who came out of the I AM movement and made their ascensions precisely because they accepted Saint Germain’s violet flame.

Thus, I will say it again and again: How wondrous it is to invoke the violet flame while you are here on earth! How wondrous it is that you can project the violet flame into the distant past and the distant future! How wondrous it is that the violet flame has saved so many souls, that it has lightened their load and brought them to that place where they could make their ascensions![4]

The mission of Jesus and Magda

Jesus and Magda have explained:

Each two thousand years we have come with a profound message and sacrifice of our very life to reach out to your twin flames, to woo you back to the great temples of the Brotherhood and to the school of Maitreya.

You must understand that your father and mother, even Adam and Eve, are, in a sense, the archetypal pattern of many twin flames who went forth from the mystery school, lured by the temptations of great interest and dominion in the political, economic and social realms that were presented by the Serpent, representing that band of angels who are the scribes, who are the sophists, who pose as the sages but are not the true wise men from the East.

Thus, you see, there will always be the temptation to master another round of worldly knowledge that is seen as the key to enlightenment, the key to the resolution of the world’s problems.

Blessed hearts, people have had great knowledge and science and invention for tens of thousands of years. Have they saved the world from self-destruction? Have they got to the very core of life and being? Recognize a long, long history of millions of years of trying to solve the problems of the Matter equation without, sans, the garment of the etheric temple....

We have deliberated, our Mother [the Virgin Mary] with us—Magda and I—concerning what we might give to you of the highest and best fruits of our own wisdom and experience, seeing as we see the long continuity of the evolution of thy soul and all that we have encountered. Blessed ones, if it were not so treacherous, the earth would be in the golden age today and you would be walking as masters among men....

This, therefore, is our commitment and our gift—that those who find they have the division within the members, pulling this way and that—which the apostle Paul spoke of so understandingly, so personally and so poignantly—may then call to us and ask for the transfer of the coil of fire.

Note the word: coil of fire—the coil of myself and of beloved Magda representing the Alpha, the Omega. When these are meshed, they form the divine caduceus. These two coils are of gold. They are of gold as you would visualize golden wire of the purest, finest quality of gold with no alloy.

Thus, this brilliant, sun-fire gold coil meshed together forms the caduceus of Alpha and Omega. It is not large. These coils are precisely the size large enough to surround each one’s physical spinal column from the base unto the crown.

Now, those sincerely desiring to pass over the dark night and the astral plane of their karma and downward momentums, those who desire to transmute all of this through divine service and chelaship, those who would vow the vow of obedience, chastity and poverty may therefore appeal for this gift. We will supply it.

And by the coil of gold, by this coil of fire, beloved hearts, and by your pursuing the path of the novitiate, of the holy brother and the holy sister of the divine order, you may reach that point, by the coil and by service, of the transmutation of those elements of being that pull in all directions as horses going in diverse corners who will not submit to the discipline of the driver.[5]

You can call to Magda. She has lived on earth, and she knows of the via dolorosa, the sorrowful way. She has walked by our side for many centuries. Now she says that she is just a little bit ahead of us on the path of life. Magda’s charity is boundless. She can help you to form a relationship with her twin flame, beloved Jesus. You can invoke her particular momentum and ability to rise from the lowest state of consciousness to the highest overnight, the forsaking of the human with its concepts of good and evil and the embracing of the Christ who stands in the center of one’s own temple of Being. With complete faith in the words of the Master, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” she carries the torch of hope to all who are seeking the higher way.


Main article: Resurrection Temple

Magda serves from the Temple of the Resurrection Flame with Jesus and Mary.

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Masters and Their Retreats, “Magda.”

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