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The ascended masters teach that human marriage is sanctified by God as a circle of protection for sons and daughters of God. It is blessed by offspring and the offspring of the mind and the heart—mutual creations of the Spirit that bless all life.

Jesus performed his first miracle at the marriage in Cana of Galilee, thereby sanctifying human marriage as an institution that is holy before God. When protected by the great circle of God, sex is not sinful when it is revered as the sacred fire of the Divine Mother and so respected. The divine love that is shared at all levels of the chakras is the giving and receiving of the masculine and feminine elements thus offering a foretaste of that wholeness the soul shall realize when she is ultimately bonded to her Lord.

The spiritual purpose of marriage

The Goddess of Purity explains that “the laws pertaining to marriage and the association of man and woman upon this planet were established by the Hierarchy as a manifestation whereby individuals who find that the flame of love glows between them, as the flame of the Holy Spirit and the spark of Alpha and Omega, might commit themselves to one another in true love for the creativity of the fires of God to bring forth not only children but also the building blocks of Reality, designs of the Holy Spirit, the industry of the Godhead; and thus, hand in hand move together in life, representing the Father-Mother God in the activity of their choice, in the calling and the election they have made their own.

Thus, God gave to Adam an helpmeet, and Eve was born and taken out of the rib of Adam.[1] Thus, woman comes forth to adore and adorn the masculine ray of the Spirit, which she must uphold as the fire within the heart of the one who represents to her the husband as the maker of herself.
Thus, long ago to curb man’s carnality, the Karmic Board did establish the custom of marriage and the laws of marriage, whereby through a representative of the Church, individuals who should come forth and present themselves as desiring to be made one in the Flame might receive the blessing of the Christ through the hand of priest or priestess at the altar of God.
These laws have not changed, and whereas freedom is the flame that blazes in the Aquarian age, that freedom can never be interpreted as license for premature relationships and abuses of the sacred fire that are not in keeping with the Law. For the fire that is used in the relationship, the communion with the Holy Ghost, the supreme moment of bliss between man and woman must be sealed by commitment, by responsibility, by law and by blessing.
Thus, the fiat went forth as a blessing upon twin flames, “That which God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”[2] Thus, the original and true marriage is with the twin flame. It is a marriage of the Flame of God and the Flame of God—of those two portions of the divine Whole that make up the complement of father and mother.
Through karmic experience, through evolution, through departure from the Laws of God, twin flames have become separated. While some walk the earth, others are in temples of light in the etheric plane. Some are separated by age. Others are separated geographically because of the exigencies of their karmic circumstance. Thus, it has been declared by Hierarchy as an acceptable mode for man and woman to come together who are not necessarily twin flames but who desire through mutual service, because of their mutual karma, to walk together in an embodiment in the service of the Christ.
And thus, there are marriages that are made in heaven by God, which is the marriage of twin flames, and there are marriages that are made upon earth through the commitment of souls to one another. And this is also ordained by God with his blessing, for did he not say, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.”[3]...
You must understand, precious hearts, that the uses of the sacred fire for the bringing forth of children are sacred before the tabernacle of God. The use of this energy has always been sacred, and thus, there is no shame, as Saint Paul said, in the marriage state, for it is and was ordained by God.[4]

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