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Mary Lou Majerus

Mary Lou Majerus (born July 15, 1893; died May 31, 1987) was a student of the I AM activity who assisted Guy and Edna Ballard for many years, having met them before they began their work in earnest.

She made her ascension on March 30, 1988, after serving on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse since January 1982. She is now known as the Ascended Lady Master Mary Lou.

The announcement of her ascension

The Elohim Cyclopea announced the ascension of Mary Lou Majerus on March 30, 1988:

Take note, beloved. A star of harmony has risen this day from your midst and from the Grand Teton, and the Law is satisfied already that in 1988 one daughter of God has taken her ascension and therefore sealed the quota of one each year; and therefore earth does receive that cosmic spin. And I AM Elohim, here to see to it that each one of you shall also win.

Therefore, we salute in our Community of the Holy Spirit the newly ascended Lady Master Mary Lou!

Thus, I signal to you the consecration of this retreat[1] to the ascension flame and the crystal ray sent forth by the Elohim of the Fifth Ray.

Blessed ones, it is an honor and a privilege to welcome to the courts of heaven one who has been loyal in life and in victory to our Messengers of this century. Behold, was she not the most humble amongst all? In the love of her heart may you be seated, and may you be seated in the praise of all Elohim who rejoice; for, beloved, the purity of a soul is known by us though not even suspected by herself.

Thus, in her final weeks and months and years she would often ask the Messenger, “Have I done anything of merit? Have I scored any points? Am I worthy to be received by Saint Germain?” Blessed ones, such a staunch and true friend should all our Messengers have had in past ages.

Therefore, with her dying breath did she affirm to this Messenger, “You are the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood!” Blessed ones, so has she consecrated her victory to the upholding of the office, mantle and person of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and this has been her star for many aeons.

Therefore, beginning her training with the Ballards so early in this century, her lifetime has been graced by flowers of violet flame. Thus, imagine, beloved, for a period of a half a century and decades more to keep the flame of purity, obedience, chastity and love, to keep the violet flame so long for a planet! Can heaven deny such a one whose heart and soul and eyes of fire may yet be seen by you? For they have not only not diminished, they have increased a thousandfold. Behold the eternal youth of the newly ascended Lady Master Mary Lou!

Blessed ones, so has she desired to be called, that you might know that you have a friend and compatriot who shall never leave this place but only goad you to the same discipline and staunchness and true faith.[2]

In 1997, El Morya said, “Mary Lou Majerus, Lady Master Mary Lou, made her ascension having balanced 61 percent of her karma.”[3]

Mary Lou Majerus

Quotes from Mary Lou

November 27, 1986

Thanksgiving Day, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

Now, let me tell you, you wanted to know how I came to know Godfre, how a little girl from Europe can all of a sudden be friendly with a Master. Well, I tell you, it was this way. I arrived in America shortly after the end of the war, debarked in New York. My destiny was Chicago because little girls like me needed a sponsor to be safe in this country, so I was under a sponsor in Chicago.

After many ups and downs I had really loved America, and after more than a week I was ready to stay here forever, I said. After Europe and the experiences in the war, I was very happy to find such a peaceful place, and I said right away, “I am going to stay here.” But staying here and making a living are two different things, and I had never been educated to make a living. But I had followed education and had had several diplomas, but that was not enough to make a living here in America. So I had to devise a way.

And one day I had the courage to enter the Chicago Tribune and ask for the advertising. And I put an ad in the paper and I said, “French lessons, cheap.” That was only one line. But it had also one result, one letter, but the letter was from one of the society leaders in Chicago. So I had an interview with her. She liked me. She liked my nerve, I guess, and she liked my different clothes and the little flair of Paris still left in me. So she arranged for some lessons.

And after we had arranged that she said, “That’s not enough, one dollar for a lesson. I am going to arrange it that you can have three or four of my friends, and I make a little tea party every time when you come and then that makes it worthwhile.” So she took me under her wing. And I said, “fine,” that winter with the society people of Chicago.

But after spring came they all went away and I was left almost without any students, so I had to find out another way. They offered me to be dame de compagnie, doing nothing, living with them, talking French. That didn’t suit me. I refused several of those offers and I said, “No, that isn’t what I want.”

So they said to me, “Stick to this lady. She will help you.” So I had a lesson with her every day, and one morning she said to me, “Since you don’t want an easy life, you go with me today and we find a place.” So we set out and she took me in a street where I had never been. It was Brentano’s bookstore. We entered in, she asked for the manager and she said, “Would you have a position for this girl?” The manager looked me over and she said, “Yes, we have been looking for somebody for six months.”

Well, it was just six months that I had arrived in Chicago. So I was hired and I started to rebuild the French library. And I was there many years and I liked it. I liked my work and I liked the people that I met and we were very successful. The business grew.

And one day a little boy in the stockroom had a pile of books with various titles like “occult,” “esoteric.” He thought they were French words. So he took the pile of books and brought them to my department. I had my time finding out they belonged in the philosophical department. So I got to know the manager of the philosophical department, a lady. We got acquainted. Her name was Ella Wheeler Wilcox. And by and by I found out that she had a sister that visited her every so often. The sister was Edna Wheeler, later on, Mrs. Ballard, and I made her acquaintance. She liked me and one day she asked me would I come to her reading club.

The reading club was a little tea party or a little get-together every week to read esoteric and occult novels. So we read Spalding’s The Masters of the Far East, like most of you have read already too, and we discussed them. That continued for a while. There were about four or five retired people. I was the youngest of the lot but I was welcome.

Then after a couple of years, the reading group was continued, and one day during the Christmas season when I was absent, Guy Ballard came home. He was Edna Ballard’s husband, who had been absent, and he had lived in California....

I said to Mrs. Ballard, “Won’t you please introduce your husband to me. I don’t know him.”... Well, she brought Godfre along and we shook hands and I said, “I have met you before.” Edna looked at me in astonishment and said, “How could you have met him? He was in California and you were here in Chicago.” “Well,” I said, “I have met him.”...

It was many years after that I found out how I had met Godfre.... I met Godfre and I didn’t know how or when or where at that time. But when I read El Morya’s Chela and the Path, when I read that book, the idea of that screen that El Morya explains to his chelas about certain activities—you will all have read it in the book—he explains the workings of the sinister force at the time. That’s where I had met Godfre, in that retreat in Darjeeling before I ever knew him. And you see, he was sitting a couple of rows in front of me....

So that is my story, and someday I’ll tell you how I met Saint Germain. I never lost him and he never lost me. I never lost him and we are still together. And that is how after these many years I am still the little humble chela and he has grown to immense stature.

And bless his heart, and come, come closer to him every day. It is worth all that you possess and all that you ever will be. He will be your Master for ever and ever.

How Mary Lou met Saint Germain

The following is a story of how Mary Lou met Saint Germain, recounted here by a chela who heard her tell it many times:

Mary Lou and her sister were living in Los Angeles because they would have had a hard time getting a job in Chicago. They were somewhat at a loss as to what to do. She was crossing a busy street in downtown Los Angeles when a car almost ran her over. She had to jump to the curb to avoid the car. Her dear Saint Germain was right there on the sidewalk for her in this stressful moment. He was dressed like a very dapper gentleman. The perky yet dignified hat on his head had a little feather “just so,” and he swung a gold-topped cane with style.

Saint Germain gave Mary Lou his arm and they walked down the street together. He let her talk about the traffic for a while because she was still upset from having almost been run over. Then they spoke about what she was doing. She said that she and her sister did not know where to locate themselves. He suggested, ever so gently, that they might want to consider moving inland a bit. He said that he had a sister in Tempe (or Phoenix) and she seemed to be happy there. After that they had a few parting words and then he was gone. Mary Lou always pointed out how considerate he was in first letting her fuss about the traffic and second, not telling but simply dropping a hint about where to go.

Early years with Godfre

We met Godfre and he wanted to give a class but he didn’t have the funds because, as I read the other day in one of Godfre’s dictations, he said, “When I walked among you, I was poverty stricken at one time.” And that was the case when I met Godfre and Edna Ballard. They were not wealthy. They had, I guess, to make arrangements for the publication of the books. But the things came off all right. The books were printed and they had to go on tour....

And Godfre was very kind. From that time on he looked for a [place] to teach a class. But they couldn’t afford the prices in a nice hotel so I offered him the big apartment we had at the time, I and my sisters. And he was teaching his class in our apartment.

In the first class that Edna had, there were about five or six people, and that group grew, you see. And the second class had about twenty people, the one that he gave, and that was the only class that he gave in Chicago.

Then they went on tour and I didn’t see them for six months. They left in February and didn’t return to Chicago until September.... And then we got together, Godfre was a different man. When I first met him he was a poverty-stricken man, as he called himself; [he wore] a suit that was not his own, you know, too short at the sleeves, and so on. He was crushed because he had not been recognized by the family of his wife. He had no money. But now when he came back after six months and had success in his teaching, he was a different fellow. Authority oozed out of him.

July 15, 1981

Comments following the World Teachers’ Seminar, Camelot, California

Elizabeth Clare Prophet: We’re celebrating a very special birthday today. It’s the birthday of Mary Lou Majerus, who is eighty plus, a very, very young student in our midst....

Mary Lou Majerus: You know, it’s my eighty-eighth....

ECP: I knew you were eighty-eight but I didn't know you wanted anyone else to know.

MLM: That’s all right. I’m a great-grandma.... But I’m Saint Germain’s child though. So I’ll always remember I’ll be a child and humble and grateful to all that have helped me to get this far in the light. And now I’m rescued. I’m in. My foot is in the doorstep of heaven.... I have a long way to go yet. So wish me good luck on the way. And I wish it to you all. You have your foot in the door of the doorway to heaven. Don’t take it back. Step forward boldly like the Master and like our blessed Messenger. How happy I am to be here, I can never tell! There are not words enough in the dictionary. So we have to improve that too.

May 28, 1987

Conversations with visitors, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

It is important to keep your body healthy so that you can bear the burden of the Lord in it if you are asked.... I must stay here until I have suffered enough, loved enough, served enough and been kind enough.... There is a time, a date, a place—when you come, it is fixed for you to return. You have to bring what you have accumulated, good or bad. Here you have a chance to consume the evil and come clean....

Your Presence is the greatest blessing you can have. The Presence has taken care all along. The Presence first. Your Presence is more powerful than any Ascended Master, for your Presence can do anything for you within the Law and the Ascended Master must first seek permission.

Mighty I AM Presence, stay with me, surround me and guide me and all others who wish to reach the goal as I do.


Keepers of the Flame Lesson 31.

Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31, no. 43, July 23, 1988.

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