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View of Paris from Montmartre

The Master of Paris made his ascension more than 500 years ago. He is Chief of the Council of France, although he is not a Frenchman. He is described as a tall, handsome man with courtly grace.

This master played a key role in establishing the esoteric schools of the Brotherhood in Paris in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. He works with, among others, Saint Germain, Paul the Venetian, the ascended master Alexander Gaylord and Lady Leto. The radiation of Saint Germain and Portia, the Goddess of Justice, is strongly felt throughout la Sainte-Chapelle and the adjoining halls of justice (Palais de Justice). Also on the Île de la Cité is Notre Dame Cathedral, a focus of Mother Mary.

East view of Sainte-Chapelle with gate at the Cour de Mai of the Palais de Justice in Paris, France


Main article: Master of Paris' retreats

The Master of Paris maintains a focus of the will of God in la Sainte-Chapelle on the Île de la Cité in the very heart of Paris, the birthplace of France. He has an etheric retreat over the physical focus where he maintains the action of the threefold flame.

He also maintains a physical focus in the city of Paris, which he often frequents in a physical form. His retreat is a beautiful old castle-like residence with many windows overlooking the city of Paris. This focus is kept up by his disciples and is used frequently by the masters as a meeting place in Paris from which they can direct the energies necessary to hold the balance for the governments of Europe.

This retreat also serves as a physical focus for the training of chelas of the Brotherhood. It is one of the few physical focuses left on the planet Earth.

El Morya has spoken of the desire of Saint Germain to have physical focuses of light in the cities of the world, like that of the Master of Paris:

Saint Germain is not content to train the souls in the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. No, he is determined to have the focuses such as the focus of the Master of Paris, a home of light in the physical octave, a home of light in the city, a home of light where souls can be received.[1]

The masters need students to maintain these focuses. Morya asked for the stalwart ones, the builders and the pioneers to come forth.

Archangel Jophiel and Christine have also spoken of the focuses of light in Europe and around the world and their desire to open the retreat of the Master of Paris:

Our message, then, of the great light descending—of Paul the Venetian, of the Great Karmic Board and the Goddess of Liberty, of the expansion of this light—is to you our offering: dimensions of God consciousness expanding as a narrow room that becomes a mansion of light.

Beloved, you who cherish the shrines, the cathedrals, the history, the culture of the Great Divine Director in Europe—open up your hearts! Give your life and your full support in abundant measure. For we would, this very day, open our retreat in Paris if souls of light would offer to be the innkeepers of this shrine of Saint Germain and the Master of Paris.[2]

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