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In a dictation in 1977, Maximus explained the nature of his service and the meaning of his name:  
In a [[dictation]] in 1977, Maximus explained the nature of his service and the meaning of his name:  

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Maximus (meaning “God is great”) is the authority in the Sun behind the sun for the Great Maxim Light, which is the first cause behind the effect we have called the Cosmic Egg.

In a dictation in 1977, Maximus explained the nature of his service and the meaning of his name:

The word has many connotations, and it is a point for the centering of consciousness on a certain light of Mother—the MA of a cosmos and the I of individualization, and again the confirmation of Mother within the US of the Elohim, of twin flames, and of Alpha and Omega. And the mighty X-factor in the center of the word is the nexus of the turning of the cycles for the integration of the flow of the Buddha and the Mother over the figure-eight pattern.

You will note that the sign of the X is the abbreviation for the sign of the figure eight. You simply erase the curves and you are left with the X in the center. Maximus! [MA-X-I-M-US] It is the representation of dedication to the Mother of all life and to all that is suspended within her womb.

I AM a light, a kindling light of worlds. My service to life is in the center of the Flaming Yod. My service to life is in the center of the Elohim. And when I say “my,” I include in my self-awareness a numberless array of cosmic beings, all of whom are dedicated to that flame, that flame of cognizance of the almighty Maximus.[1]

In 1979 Maximus explained that he has come by dispensation in response to the call:

Alpha and Omega promised me aeons ago in the very hour of the great rebellion that when certain sons and daughters of light should so accelerate and so expose that rebellion, when certain bands of saints should commune and sound the Word, when that Word should be heard in far-off worlds, and when the power and the thrust of that Word should reach a certain intensity, then I would be sent to follow the sound back to the source and there to undo the misuse they have made of the light of Maximus itself. Therefore I come. It is yet a limited dispensation.

He then released the sound of the tone of Alpha and Omega into the earth.

It is a rippling of light. It will accomplish its work.... I smile because I know what is the ultimate ending and beginning of the sound. I know how it will resound in hearts and strike a chord of love. I know, for I am Maximus, and I have been Maximus for a long, long time and space and for a wide, wide eternity.

I know, for I have sounded the sound of the Word in other systems of worlds. By the Word, the worlds were framed. By the Word, the worlds are unframed. By the Word, and only the Word, is the Luciferian creation no more. They know me even as they know you. They have succeeded in postponing the sounding of the sound by casting out their nets, dark nets. They do their fishing at night while children sleep, and they catch the souls and draw them through the astral plane, programming souls asleep to their own net gain.

But it is no more, for with the awakening of the Buddha Gautama, with the awakening of the light of the Cosmic Christ, with the point of contact in the hearts of the few, the cycles roll and the appointed hour is struck.[2]

Archangel Michael says of Maximus:

You may apply to him for “the Maxim Light.” But you must understand the path of chelaship and receive the interior correction of the Christ mind and receive all emissaries of God, of the heavenly hosts and of the messengers beneath, that you might quickly respond and not resist the will of God that is in the heart of the Maxim Light.[3]

This is the great light borne by the great ones such as Melchizedek, and it was the light that blazed upon the altar of the Incalithlon, the great central temple of Atlantis.

Mother Mary teaches that we can call to Maximus to ratify and maximize a previous victory on the world scene:

A victory can be magnified, can be multiplied, can be maximized through the heart of Maximus for maximum benefit to those individuals who as yet have not had the arcing of that externalization of the threefold flame that has brought about a victory in one area of the globe.[4]

We can also maximize our calls when we pray for one another. For example, if we are praying for one son of God who is beset by suicide and the demons of suicide, we can maximize or prayers and call for all children of the light who are burdened by thoughts of suicide. God is infinite, and he can multiply himself a billion times over.

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