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The planet Mercury is about the size of our moon, very small, and its energy spirals are concentrated. It’s much closer to the Sun than Earth is. It has a lot of light from the sun and it’s a very hot planet, so we have to step up our consciousness and our vibration in order to even be on the plane of Mercury. The inhabitants of Mercury are those who have risen on the upward spiral of communication, and they are seen with blue helmets and helmets of gold, showing the golden consciousness of the sun.

Being closer to the Sun, Mercury is closer to the white-fire core. When the end of the Manvantara comes, and the whole solar system spirals back into the heart of Helios and Vesta, the planets closest to the Sun will be those who return first. So in the order of the hierarchy of the planets we see that those closer to the Sun are those who are preparing to return. Either they go in and retain their identity and win their ascension, or they go in and they are dissolved. That will be the fate of every planet in the solar system: either to pass through the second death, to disintegrate and be no more because it hasn’t passed its test, or to ascend and become a permanent atom in the being of our own sun, of Helios and Vesta.

Mercury is one of those planets destined to ascend, and the conciseness of speech that is characteristic of Mercurians is the action of white fire core, of not having to go beyond that which is essential to communicate a message.

The battle of light and darkness on Mercury

El Morya explains some of the history of the planet Mercury and the battle of light and darkness there:

The lifewaves of sons and daughters of God who have evolved out of Mercury, who have served with Sanat Kumara and who now are dwelling on earth, come from an evolution which we knew long ago. In that planetary body, the issue of light and darkness was present. Here, where the sign of Gemini is the mind of God for action in concentration, the perversion of the light was in the mechanical creation of a robot in imitation of the Gemini Mind. Absolute travesty against the Almighty! And yet, the fallen ones carried off their scheme—and it seemed for a time that they would carry the day!

They created, then, a robot manifestation with a superficial ability to deal with mundane information but lacking the depth of the prongs of love/wisdom that come forth out of the threefold flame. This, then, seemingly practical yet highly spiritually impractical robot began to overrun that civilization. The challenge to sons and daughters of God was to use then the Gemini Mind to confute, refute, denounce, bind! and remove from Mercury those manifestations—an absolute usurpation of the creation of the Almighty One.

As we saw the challenge and as we were taught by God Mercury, we knew that unflinching devotion to the will of God, the drawing within of energy to the diamond point of the Self, the wielding of the sword of blue flame, and the mastery of the action of fohatic keys would result in the victory.

Fohatic keys, blessed ones, are molecular formulae that are used for a particular release of the energies of the chakras. These energies, when coded in certain manifestations, can bring to pass in the Matter plane any form of manifestation, any intensity of the seven rays for a specific action or challenge. You will note that the black magicians have perverted these keys and set their perverted keys to music, played that rhythm and that music, and thereby caused enormous quantities of energy to be drained from the children of God. This you have seen and heard visually,[1] and therefore you understand that of which I speak.

Now then, it was out of our deep desire to free evolving souls upon Mercury (who were no match for the robot creation) that we developed our adeptship in the will of God. Absolute perversions of absolute power demand the counteraction by the intensity of Great Central Sun Magnet energies. You will recall that the victory of Jesus Christ gave to him that power of heaven and earth,[2] the wherewithal to defeat the enemy at his call.

God gave to us, as we fought the battle of worlds on Mercury, that energy, that power—only because we were willing to balance the threefold flame, to pursue wisdom and wisdom’s might, to intensify such love in every cell and in the flame of every cell, so that our auras were so saturated with love that there was no possibility for the misqualification of one erg of God’s power through any form of tyranny whatsoever.

Beloved ones, you have not tasted of this power of which I speak for thousands upon thousands of years. And therefore, you do not have a direct appreciation of what happens to the human psyche in the presence of such power. It becomes a force—when uncontrolled by love/wisdom—of absolute tyranny, absolute evil, despotism over souls!...

Beloved ones, the victory of Mercury has not yet been concluded. A greater part of the victory was won, yet certain sons of light and certain fallen ones had not reached the culmination of their evolution. They were, therefore, assigned to other planetary homes and systems. Some of the fallen ones became aligned with the laggard evolutions which eventually embodied on Earth. Some of the sons and daughters of God journeyed to Venus and later accompanied Sanat Kumara to Earth.

Thus, we see today on earth the battle of forces being waged between those of ancient ties—the fallen ones who created the Mercurian robot and the sons of God who were the challengers of them and of their creation. So many types of initiations on earth, you would expect that it would become necessary to become a ten-armed god or goddess in order to perform your actions for the light! This is indeed true! And the angel devas and the ascended masters provide you with many bodies and many arms and many chakras through which to release the all-power of God—especially when you accelerate that power through your own sweet surrender.

It was in that experience on Mercury that some of you who are present here with me tonight learned the art of dealing with the Luciferians according to their terms of war and the warfare of worlds. Understanding the strategy of the fallen ones, you also had the full awareness of God's strategy of light—which is love in every form, in every manifestation—that simply reverses every force and momentum, point/counterpoint, somewhat like the martial arts which are taught today which have come out of the East, except in a much more refined manner because of the development of greater energies in the chakras.

Here, then, we find ourselves continuing the challenge. And the victory is not yet—and the victory always was, always is, and always shall be. It is a question of bringing into alignment the parallel lines of the Gemini Mind for the victory above to be manifest here below![3]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 26, 1974.

  1. Refers to “The Science of Rhythm for the Mastery of the Sacred Energies of Life,” given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet October 7, 1977. The lecture included a slide presentation showing the uses and misuses of rhythm, sound, and energy in music and its effect on the human aura, with illustrations taken from pastel drawings by the messenger.
  2. Matt. 28:18.
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