Mission Amethyst Jewel

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Mission Amethyst Jewel is the Darjeeling Council’s solution to world problems, announced on January 14, 1979, by Archangel Gabriel.

The Darjeeling Council sets forth its solution to world problems. It is Mission Amethyst Jewel. We stand in a vote of confidence around the Darjeeling Council table in honor of Saint Germain and all servant sons and daughters who embody the great spirit of freedom as a mystery of the Holy Grail.[1]

Mission Amethyst Jewel is based upon the principle of the violet flame that burns within the heart of the chela. Each chela is a jewel. And as chelas place themselves together to form atoms, the atoms expand to form molecules that expand to form Study Groups and Teaching Centers—thus Mission Amethyst Jewel crystallizes.

Amethyst Jewel, then, is Saint Germain’s commitment to send chelas to the nations of the earth. Stumping is Saint Germain’s strategy for drawing together his chelas to form these centers of light that will fulfill his mission by staying the hand of darkness across the world. Responding to Gabriel’s call, Keepers of the Flame stumped and established new Study Groups and Teaching Centers around the world.

Sanat Kumara has promised us:

If you remain faithful and keep the vision and accelerate and see yourselves as Saint Germain’s ambassadors of light, I promise you that for you, Mission Amethyst Jewel will be the implementation of your own ascension and of the victory of untold millions.[2]


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