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Symbolically, the time of absence of the avatar. Jesus explained the office of the avatar (the Person of the Son, God-incarnate) in these words: “As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world,”[1] which is to say: “As long as the I AM Presence is in the world through my physical incarnation, that Logos, that I AM THAT I AM, is the Light of the physical universe.”

Conversely, he prophesied the coming night[2] as the period when the Son of man would no longer be in physical embodiment, his I AM Presence no longer physically anchored in flesh and blood. This is the night “when no man can work” out his karma or his Christhood because the Son of man is no longer the Light of the physical world of the person or the planet to hold the balance of Light in the face of karma or Antichrist. The Dark Ages of the Piscean age are a witness of the absence of his physical presence on earth and the world karma for nonacceptance of the Saviour.

This night foretold by Jesus is also evidence that the dispensation of the coming of The Lord Our Righteousness in the descent of the Christ Self into the temple in the hour of the Second Advent had not yet taken place. Jesus made it clear that in his absence, the disciples of the LORD are the Light of the world as extensions of Jesus’ Light (the Son-Light of the I AM THAT I AM) manifest in them. This he affirmed thusly: “Ye are the Light of the world...”[3]

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