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On October 14, 1991, Omri-Tas announced a thirty-three-day dispensation in which he would remain on earth to “give us a boost” and multiply our violet flame decrees:

It is a cycle, beloved, when you can so liberate your souls by the multiplication of my presence and my further multiplying of the violet flame that I daresay you should not miss a moment to recite a mantra even if it is between thoughts or steps or [devotional] songs you sing....

Yes, beloved, see that you do not make karma with me by failing to take advantage of my proffered gift to you. For I desire to have complete, independent freedom to be able to give to planet earth in dire moments those dispensations and transfusions of violet flame [that are so desperately needed]....

One hundred and forty-four thousand priests of the sacred fire from the Violet Planet have accompanied me for this thirty-three-day sojourn. May you know that we intend to make our mark and to make a difference in the quality of life on earth....

This is an experiment. If you cooperate and take full advantage of it, we shall be able to immediately build upon it and increase and multiply again in the next thirty-three-day cycle.[1]

On November 16, 1991, at the conclusion of the thirty-three days, Omri-Tas granted another tremendous dispensation. The messenger and chelas had written petitions to Omri-Tas, asking him to remain longer and offering pledges of violet flame decrees. In response, Omri-Tas said that he was profoundly moved by our offering but that he could not remain on earth full-time. He said there were many other planets at a similar crossroads to that of earth who were in great need of his presence. However, he was so touched by the Keepers of the Flame’s pledges of daily violet flame decrees that he promised to return to earth once a month on the third day of the month for twenty-four hours.

Omri-Tas stated he would be present on earth on the third of each month to render cosmic service by his Great Causal Body and to give the devotees and all mankind an incomparable boost of violet flame. On this day, Keepers of the Flame hold violet flame vigils in their sanctuaries around the world. It is a day when walls of violet flame can come down and we can be directly in the Electronic Presence of Omri-Tas.

Saint Germain has told us that Omri-Tas carries such an intensity of violet flame and of the Seventh Ray in his aura that it extends far beyond the actual size of the earth. Thus, in the monthly vigil that Omri-Tas keeps with the earth, his Causal Body occupies the entire planet. Calculating the 24 time zones on the planet, we see that the third of the month spans 48 hours. In other words, for a period of 48 hours, it is the third of the month in at least one time zone somewhere on the planet.

This monthly violet-flame vigil, called Omri-Tas and Saint Germain’s Day because it is sponsored by these masters, begins on the second of each month and ends on the fourth.


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