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The first Ashram Note, dated April 26, 1951, from Mark L. Prophet to chelas announced the formation of “The Order of the Child”—a sacred order for legislators, rulers, directors of culture, and citizens who would promise to be “ever-mindful of the little child of the future.” The letter explained:

There are no dues, no rules, except that you promise to devote one minute per day to reading a few words inscribed on the certificate of membership, which you will post on the wall of your office. Membership is ad vitam. And there are no meetings except a meeting of mind and heart before God. Also the promise to stand face to face with this certificate and submit your conscience to the little child in any matter embodying a decision affecting the lives of others.

Beloved Kuthumi speaks of the Order of the Child:

This Order of the Holy Child is the defense of the child in all of the seven rays: the protection of the child, the education of the child, the teaching of the child what is love, giving and receiving. It is a path of purity that is the clarity in the heart to pursue the goal of Life. It is a teaching of science and health and abundance, the teaching and the training of the child of the heart—your heart and other children—in the path of service, the path of freedom and the holy orders. All of these things become a part of our Word and our Work.[1]

Kuthumi explains that this order is part of the Order of Francis and Clare.

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