Retiro de Orión

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Orion, the Old Man of the Hills, maintains a retreat in the mountains of North America.

In 1975 he received permission from the Lords of Karma to welcome unascended students of the masters to his retreat:

I maintain a focus of starlight, of the God Star, Sirius, in the mountains of North America. And now by permission from the Lords of Karma, I am able to welcome you to my abode. And this is a day for me—the opening of my house of light to chelas who will call to be taken to this retreat. And when you come, prepare to be received by angels of freedom, angels who are devotees of Saint Germain! And in my house, my house of light, you will find mementos of patriots of freedom who in every nation have won for the cause of the Great White Brotherhood some noble gain for the Aquarian cycle, for the Master of Freedom and for the soul of humanity.

When you come, I will teach you in the way of the mastery of the soul chakra; for my dedication is to all who walk with Godfre and Saint Germain. I serve them in the heart of the mountain. And so I say, come if you will! Classes are beginning, and the first round of souls is being taken for a special training, mine to impart by the grace of God. And you can also expect training in mountain climbing and in survival—survival of the soul and the four lower bodies, survival in transition, survival when energies mount from Sirius, when they intensify.

And when the step-up of frequency comes and you are required to be in the light, you will have the knowledge of turning the dial of frequency and blending with the new order of the ages. And in that moment, souls who have the flame and the fire and the movement and the mastery of the soul will find themselves elevated to a new consciousness, a new plane where priests and priestesses of Lemuria and sons and daughters of Shasta are gathered, holding the laurel of the Lord of the World.[1]

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Mark L. Prophet y Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Los Maestros y sus Retiros, Volumen 2, “Retiro de Orión en las montañas de Norteamérica”.

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