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A form of divination in which the motion of a pendulum is used to give yes/no answers to questions.

The pendulum is partly registering your own forcefield and your own consciousness, and if you have certain ideas in your subconscious, these will influence the motion of the pendulum. The pendulum will also vary in its answer according to influences from the subconscious of the planet.

There is a very real consciousness working through the pendulum—psychic or astral in frequency and of the false hierarchy. The most dangerous thing about the pendulum is that it will deliberately give you the right answer for years in order to establish your confidence in the method. And after that confidence is well secured, it will give you the one wrong answer calculated to undo your entire spiritual/material evolution.

Astrea, complement of the Elohim of Purity, is uncompromising in her admonishments concerning “harmless” flirtations with psychic phenomena:

I tell you before Almighty God and before your own divine I AM Presence, it is all-important that the students shall understand the need to cut themselves free from all psychic and spiritualistic activities and to enter into the fullness of ascended master love. For ascended master love is real, ascended master love is true, ascended master love is all-enfolding, and it is the full sufficiency of the cosmic law, integrating mankind into the forcefield of pure Light and removing from him those splotches of darkness that are blots upon his path of progress.

Will you understand with me tonight, then, that the little innocent pastime of the practicing of the Ouija board has led many an individual into a condition where he no longer is able to have dominion over his own world? We want you to understand that we do not approve, regardless of human opinion, of the use of the pendulum which men and women have the opinion they can use with success. We want you to understand that there are, regardless of the manifestations of seeming reality in it, activities whereby individuals are guided for a time correctly. And in all these things it is so. They are guided sometimes for years correctly by these manifestations, all for the one purpose of that moment when they will be, as you say in baseball parlance, “pitched a curve.”

Your own Christ Mind is superior to the mind that controls the pendulum—whether that mind be singular or plural. To rely on the pendulum for all kinds of answers is idolatry; it is placing something between yourself and God other than your Christ Self.

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