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Biannually, at the turn of the year and at summer solstice, the Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat (in the heaven-world at the site of the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole, Wyoming) to review petitions from unascended devotees and to grant dispensations of sponsorship to worthy souls for constructive purposes. Traditionally, students of the ascended masters write personal petitions to the Karmic Board on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. In handwritten, sealed letters that are consecrated at the altar and then burned, they offer their service upon the altar of God and ask for divine intercession in their personal lives, the Community of the Holy Spirit, the nation and the world.

During the ceremony when these letters are burned, the coil of consciousness that went into the letters, the etheric blueprint of the writing, is taken up in a scroll at the etheric level and transferred by the angels to the Royal Teton Retreat, where the letters are read and acted on by the Lords of Karma.

Adjudication of the petitions

There is a great cosmic bank in the Great Central Sun, and the energy from that bank can be assigned to anyone who has dedicated himself selflessly to God and in the service of God. At these times of the year all of mankind and the entire planet are weighed, and according to mankind’s efforts, so are allotments of energy given by the hierarchy.

In deciding where to allocate this energy, the Lords of Karma review the past. They look to see what you have done with the allotment of energy you have been given since you were born and in other lives. There is an angel called the Keeper of the Scrolls who reviews the records at any moment when an ascended master may call for the record of a lifestream.

We have an advocate with the Father who is Jesus Christ.[1] There are other ascended beings who also sponsor ascended or embodied lifestreams who are aspiring to attain and who need a little help, a little push, a little energy. Sometimes these masters give their entire mantle. Sometimes they give a jewel of light. Sometimes they give a certain quotient of energy. This is done with the approval of the Lords of Karma.

In writing a petition to the Karmic Board, the Great Divine Director recommends that you carefully consider what you desire to petition for, keeping in mind

... that which is practical, that which is good for one and good for all, that which is good for Community and the expansion of the Church and that which can accomplish truly the forward march in the revolution in education that we seek in America [and the world].

Yes, beloved, when seeking grants and petitioning for them, maximize your effort and contemplate how that which you can do and the grant that you might receive for [yourself] can [by your prayers] bless so many others at the same time.[2]

After writing your letter, you can consecrate it at your altar and burn it in your fireplace or a safe receptacle. You may also want to keep a copy of your letter in your Bible for reference—to be sure you keep your promises to God and the masters—and to use in daily decrees for your stated goals.

Keeping your promises

If you forget your vows and promises to the Lords of Karma, and you take that energy you have received from the masters and you misuse it, you find that the master who sponsored you will have to make up for your expenditure of that energy, because that master placed the collateral for that light before the Lords of Karma, saying, “I would like to pledge my energies for this soul. I want to help this soul succeed.” When a master does this, at that moment he must give something to the Lords of Karma of his own momentum and attainment, and this is held in reserve until you make good. If you forfeit the energy, the master forfeits something of his attainment, which he must then earn again.

So when you make your request to the Lords of Karma, when you say, “I’d like so much energy to do this particular task for the world,” remember that you will be held accountable for that energy, sometime, somewhere. And what you do with it will determine how much more energy you will be given in the future.

Consider what you have pledged to do, so that all of your days are an effort to fulfill those plans, because this is an important and sacred ritual. It is not taken lightly by anyone—by the Lords of Karma, by your Christ Self, or by your God consciousness.

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