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<translate> Part of a series of articles on the</translate>
<translate> Science of
the Spoken Word</translate>

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<translate> Spoken Word</translate>

   <translate> Forms of the spoken Word</translate>   
<translate> Affirmation</translate>
<translate> Call</translate>
<translate> Chant</translate>
<translate> Decree</translate>
<translate> Fiat</translate>
<translate> Invocation</translate>
<translate> Mantra</translate>
<translate> Prayer</translate>

   <translate> Eastern forms</translate>   
<translate> AUM</translate>
<translate> Bhajan</translate>
<translate> Bija mantra</translate>
<translate> Golden Mantra</translate>
<translate> Om mani padme hum</translate>

   <translate> Western forms</translate>   
<translate> Hail Mary</translate>
<translate> Rosary</translate>

   <translate> Specific rituals</translate>   
<translate> Mother Mary’s Circle of Light</translate>
<translate> Fourteenth Rosary</translate>
<translate> Archangel Michael’s Rosary</translate>
<translate> Ritual of the Resurrection Flame</translate>
<translate> Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary</translate>

   <translate> Related topics</translate>   
<translate> Violet flame</translate>
<translate> Violet-flame decrees</translate>
<translate> Balance of violet-flame and blue-flame decrees</translate>
<translate> Pranayama</translate>
<translate> Djwal Kul's breathing exercise</translate>

Pranayama [Sanskrit, literally ‘control of prana’] is the control of the vital energy through the practice of breathing exercises.

The art of proper breathing has always been considered essential for the full effect of mantra-yoga to be realized. A balanced inbreath and outbreath creates a harmony of the currents of prana that course through our finer bodies affecting all of the chakras. The Master Djwal Kul, in his Studies of the Human Aura, has brought forth a breathing exercise that can be practiced without danger for the balance of the inner flow of the sacred fire breath—the flow through the four lower bodies emitting from and returning to the center of the chakras.

Keepers of the Flame are protected under the sponsorship of Saint Germain when they practice these exercises for the purification, protection and strengthening of the chakras.

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Djwal Kul's breathing exercise

For more information

See Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras. This book includes Kuthumi’s Studies of the Human Aura and Djwal Kul’s Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura. See especially book 2, chapter 8, “The Sacred Fire Breath.”


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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, September 14, 1980.