Progressive revelation

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There is no such thing as final revelation, for revelation is ever coming forth from the I AM Presence and Christ Self of every individual as the still, small voice within. It is also coming forth through those lifestreams ordained by God to serve as lightbearers to focus his wisdom and to make it practical for the age.

God speaks through Messengers today just as he spoke through the prophets of the Old Testament. Indeed, every age needs a messenger from God, for in every age the ascended masters are permitted by cosmic law to release greater teaching on the Law.

Without the contact with the Most High that provides man with a greater purpose than a merry-go-round whirl for threescore years and ten, life is but an empty dream where man walks among the dead and knows not that he, too, is spiritually dead.

When a church or a world religion no longer admits to that progressive revelation which truly is forthcoming, it blocks the direct interaction of the faithful with the ascended founder. A true religion must possess progressive revelation, else it is already in a state of stagnation. Yet at the same time there is the necessity of becoming tethered to some degree of spiritual Reality, which we will not term dogma but cardinal Truth.


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