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Mount Shasta

Ra Mu means the ray of Mu, or the ray of the Mother. The ascended master Ra Mu is the Master of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, part of the Great White Brotherhood. He is also known as the “master of the mountain.” He is the champion of the feminine ray lodged within both man and woman.

Records of the Motherland

The members of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta hail from an ancient hierarchy of lightbearers, disciplined priests and priestesses who tended the flame of the Mother on the altars of Lemuria, or Mu, before it sank. They are ascended and unascended masters who keep the flame of purity in the mountain and receive chelas who meet the measure of their rod. They are devotees of Buddha and his light. They are Zoroastrians, Confucians, Taoists and Zen monks. They chant the sacred AUM and are well acquainted with the mystery of the Christos in the I AM THAT I AM. The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta sponsored Godfré Ray King and his initiations with Saint Germain.

At Mount Shasta in 1975, the ascended master Ra Mu spoke on behalf of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta. He came to anchor the light of the Motherland, the ancient religion of devotion to the eternal Mother as the white light. He kindles in us the light of the ancient teaching of Lemuria, the light of that fourth ray that we had before the sinking of the continent.

In 1997 Ra Mu exhorted us to give the violet flame for the clearing of the records of Lemuria. The cleansing of these records beneath the Pacific is necessary for the balancing of the coasts and of the planetary systems as well. Ra Mu and the priests of the sacred fire promised to match whatever violet-flame decrees we give by the power of ten.

Ra Mu also asked us to give violet-flame decrees for the transmutation of the records of the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria. He explained that this record of the murder of the highest representative of the Divine Mother in that era is a weight upon civilization. This record must be cleansed ere women can truly rise to their full stature of Christhood and femininity.

The science of the Word from Lemuria

In 1981 Ra Mu came to bring to our awareness the ancient chants of Lemuria and the science of the spoken Word that was practiced there. He said:

Chant the name of Ra Mu. Know that I AM the Son of the Mother and that I come to all who would also know her as the beloved Son knows the beloved Mother. Much has been written about the Mother, East and West. You may read it if you will. But I would acquaint you with the inner path of life where the Kundalini travels, where resurrection is a perpetual fount of Being. I would extricate you from the pain simultaneously as I would ask you to remain sensitive to world pain as you share the office of the World Mother.

I would give you a mantle of joy and a bouquet of wisdom. I would give you golden sandals and the Book of the Law. I would write it in your heart. I would etch a fiery love sonnet for your twin flame and your very own Self. I would do all these things, but I must ask you to take the first step, to lay aside the former garments and be ready to put on the new.

I would ask you to take the second step, whereby you never again allow your voice to be silenced by the pressing in upon you of any or all forms of hatred of the Word itself. The Word that flows forth from your mouth is Mother. The Mother is a devouring fire, but fear it not, for thou art Mother also.

I would see you take the third step of integration with the One, of diligent discipleship before the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. With the new garment of consciousness, with the pouring of the Mother fire from out the mouth of thy God, and with the Trinity as the road to self-mastery, you will go far, very far with Saint Germain. And I will be there! And I am there, supporting his cause and bringing to the fore the memory of Mu and all of the teachings of the Mother in the temple bearing her name.

Let us move forward!... Let our disciples of the World Mother become aware of the evolution of souls on this planet and of the history of earth from the beginning.

Let us bring forward, then, all that is worth keeping. Let us spare no effort to build her temple. Let us consign to the flame the debris that bears no fruit. Let us harken to the call of Ra Mu from the Inner Retreat![1]

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta was once the crown chakra of Lemuria. Within the mountain was the physical retreat of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta. In 1988 Sanat Kumara announced “the withdrawal of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta from the retreat physical of Mount Shasta. This entire Brotherhood, therefore, does withdraw and does transfer their forcefield and focus both into the Grand Teton and into another area of the northern Rockies.”[2]

The books of Godfré Ray King, Phylos the Tibetan and others have referred to the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, and many people pilgrimage there seeking the ascended masters. It is important to know that the retreat of this Brotherhood is no longer within the mountain, and unfortunately, those who journey there often find those who profess to guard the strongholds of the mysteries and the I AM Presence, yet who lead them away from the true masters and their teachings.

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