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In the Hindu tradition, ruby is used for strengthening the heart and blood circulation. It makes one bold and courageous and removes sadness and sensuality. Ayurveda says that it aids concentration, gives mental power, helps one experience the subtle effects of energy.

This gemstone focuses the ruby ray and it helps us tune into the path of the secret rays and that intense love which goes beyond the pink to the ruby color. Both the ruby and the garnet are used as focuses for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blood of Christ.

The energy of the ruby is so strong that you should test it when wearing it. Watch yourself to see whether or not the intensity is such that you find yourself becoming either angry or irritated.

The ascended master Chananda has spoken of the need for caution in wearing ruby:

And thus I say to you, our recommendation for the focus of light that is to be worn until you have a certain attainment is always the focus of the violet flame, the holy amethyst; for comfort and peace in the body, the jade or the coral.[1]

We do not recommend that our students wear rubies indiscriminately. For the ruby, you see, may activate at astral levels more than the physical body can handle. Thus, beloved, a word to the wise is sufficient.[2]


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 18, 1987.

  1. Peach-colored coral, not red.
  2. Beloved Chananda, “Twin Flames on the Path of Initiation,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 32, August 11, 1985.