Ruth Jones

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Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones (1895–1976) ascended at the age of 80. She had been a Keeper of the Flame for 13 years. For most of her life she served God as a devout Baptist, teaching Sunday school and working as a principal and teacher in Wilmington, North Carolina. She had a master’s degree in elementary education and a great love for children.

After her husband and twin flame, Sidney Jones, went before her in the ritual of the ascension, Ruth lived and served with the Messengers for almost a decade. When the time of Ruth’s transition drew near, she fought death as the last enemy. Although her physical body suffered, she was full of praise and love for God.

Ruth was raised by God into the ascension flame at 5:00 p.m. on January 3, 1976. The Ascended Master Kuthumi said:

I transfer by the authority of her own ascended presence the ray of her mantle, the momentum of her dedication, to every Keeper of the Flame and every soul who will read this announcement and who will believe in Christ, in the ascension of her soul and in the possibility of the ascension of his own soul.[1]


Calendar of Holy Days, January 1994.

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