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The Sabbath is celebrated in The Summit Lighthouse from five o’clock Saturday to five o’clock Sunday.

Saint Patrick spoke of the purposes of the Sabbath in a dictation on March 17, 1985:

Saturday is the day to divest oneself by the violet flame and cleanse and to write the letter of confession and burn it, to observe the Sabbath beginning at five, to enter the temple with Saint Germain and return on the morrow to receive the holiness of God because you have come—if you will, if you regard it so—to give your penance on Saturday evening, burning the letter and giving those three or four hours to him. Thus, thy sins are not only set aside, they are consumed; and you go forth in the new week clothed upon with a light of the crown of the Buddha Maitreya and the Teaching and the Light.

And thus, the Sabbath—from Saturday to Sunday, five to five—is a twenty-four-hour cycle of devotion. And in that period, that day of grace and light and re-creation in God, you are totally restored to the newness of your Christ Self and may go forward to work the works of God in the five secret rays within the seven—the five days of the week that are building the mighty heart chakra, weaving the seamless garment. And every week is a cycle that exceeds the last.[1]


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 1, 1981.

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