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The Seed Atom is the focus of the Divine Mother, of the Feminine Ray of the Godhead, which anchors in Matter the energies of Spirit. The Seed Atom, containing the image of the Christ, the electronic pattern of the Monad that will be stamped upon the lower vehicles, is suspended within the base-of-the-spine chakra. The Seed Atom is in turn the white-fire core of a miniature causal body that is formed around it focusing the twelve planes of God’s consciousness in the plane of Matter.

The Seed Atom and the Kundalini

The energies of the Seed Atom, which rise from the base of the spine to the crown chakra in a triune action of the sacred fire, are called in Sanskrit the pingala (blue), the sushumna (yellow) and the ida (pink). The threefold caduceus spiral that rises upon the spinal ladder has its source in the white-fire core of the Seed Atom and in the focus of the microcosmic causal body surrounding the Seed Atom. This focus of the World Mother and of the action of the feminine ray in man magnetizes the energies of the Holy Spirit, which are active to a greater or lesser degree in all.

In the unawakened lifestream, only the energies of the outer sphere (the blue band) of the microcosmic causal body are active in producing the caduceus spirals; the fires of the Seed Atom remain dormant, sealed within the white-fire core. Nevertheless, the energies of the outer sphere are sufficient to sustain the flow of the ida, pingala and sushumna from the base of the spine to the crown. Thus, man is never without the flow of the feminine ray rising upon the spinal altar even as he is never without the descending currents of the masculine ray posited in the threefold flame within the heart.

Raising the light

As the initiate attains greater mastery in the qualification of light through the chakras, the seven spheres of the microcosmic causal body surrounding the Seed Atom gradually “unwind,” releasing the energies of the feminine ray, which intensify the action of the caduceus. Then, at the hour of man’s transfiguration (which occurs when man has mastered the seven planes of consciousness through the proper qualification of the energies released from the Presence), the Seed Atom (Kundalini) emerges from the white-fire core; rising up the chitrini, it infuses each of the seven chakras with the solar consciousness of the lifestream—the feminine action of the Christ—and with the pattern of its fiery destiny released from within the white-fire core of the microcosmic causal body.

As the Seed Atom rises, man literally becomes a blazing sun; for the divine union of the Father-Mother God that is fulfilled within each chalice produces therein the immaculate conception of the Christ. When the divine polarity is thus attained in each of the seven planes of his consciousness and the Seed Atom is anchored in the Lodestone of the Presence, the perfect balance of man’s androgynous nature is realized “as Above, so below.” Having passed this initiation, man is given unlimited power to create in the planes of Spirit and Matter according to the unique designs—the patterns made in the heavens—held within his own individualized causal body.

Reason for this term

Regarding the concept of Kundalini, the ascended masters have given us the term Seed Atom because it signifies the focusing within the plane of Matter, that is, within the Mother consciousness, the full potential of that which is destined to be realized in the plane of Spirit, in the Father consciousness, through the alchemical marriage—the union of Matter and Spirit. The whole of the microcosm—herein defined as the material universe—is actually focused within the Seed Atom as the negative aspect of divine power. And the whole of the Macrocosm—the spiritual universe—is focused within the Lodestone of the Presence (the name given for the focus of what the Hindus call Shakta) as the positive aspect of the divine power.

The transfiguration

Thus, when the Seed Atom is raised, the personality of man (the manifestation) merges with the impersonality of God (the Universal One). In merging with the Ocean, the drop is not lost, however, but gains permanent Self-realization as the Impersonal Impersonality, the Impersonal Personality, the Personal Personality and the Personal Impersonality of the Godhead.

Once the initiation of the transfiguration is passed, the Seed Atom may descend the ‘Mount of Transfiguration,’ but it never again descends lower than the heart chalice, for man has transcended the planes of Matter and his spirit no longer dwells in the planes of Matter. In the initiation of the resurrection, the Seed Atom is permanently anchored in the Lodestone, and the action of the Christ in the plane of Spirit-Fire and Matter-Fire (in the heart chakra) comes into perfect polarity with the action of the Father-Mother God where the plane of Spirit-Earth and Matter-Earth have united (in the crown chakra).

The ascension

In the initiation of the ascension the focus of the Father-Mother God anchored in the Lodestone and the Seed Atom descends to the heart chalice, where the full potential of the Godhead merges with the full potential of the Christ. God in Christ then affirms the victory of the Presence in the planes of Spirit and Matter—“I AM a blazing Sun!”—and the microcosm ascends into the Macrocosm.

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{Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality.