Shrine of Glory

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Christ of the Andes, high in the mountains on the border of Argentina and Chile

The Shrine of Glory is the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Light in the Andes Mountains in South America. This retreat emits a glow of soft white light with the colors of the seven rays delicately filtering through.


One enters through a portal graced by four pillars. The architecture is in what we know as the Greek tradition, but actually it is Atlantean. We enter a great hall that is hewn out of the mountain, and there is a fountain that emits the radiance of the Goddess of Light. We descend six steps and enter a marble hall fifty feet high with doorways on either side leading to classrooms and council halls where members of the Brotherhood meet.

Hanging from the vaulted ceiling is a large chandelier made of white diamonds that reflects the flame of light focused here by the Brotherhood who serve with the Goddess of Light. Wearing robes of white, these brothers and sisters of the retreat work with the pure white light, the precipitation of the elixir, the action of the light rays and the direction of their currents throughout nature and the evolutions of the planet. The vibration of light is so intense in this retreat that noise does not register, and only the pure emanations that come forth through the throat chakras of those who serve here are audible. In the same manner, all discordant vibrations, thoughts and feelings are filtered by the intensity of the light waves, and only harmony is sustained within the retreat.

The forcefield of light from this retreat extends over the entire planet as an antahkarana, a network of filigree light patterns from the heart of the Goddess of Light herself and her flame that is focused there. The filigree pattern of radiation that emanates from the retreat connects with the Holy Christ Selves of all mankind and gives impetus to men’s longings for greater light.

This retreat has a physical focus in a beautiful home in the mountains not far removed from the etheric retreat.

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