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The sinister force (sometimes abbreviated as “the force”) is that mass body of energy, the conglomerate body of human momentum, which manifests as grids and forcefields in the astral plane.[1] It is the total force of mankind’s feelings of fear and doubt and hatred and murder and everything that is negative.

Just as there are clouds in the sky, in the astral plane there are also floating clouds of negation—grids and forcefields. These mass bodies of energy seek to use mankind to gain more energy, and the false hierarchy will use these black clouds and direct them as bombs at people on this level. And if people succumb to them, then they are using energy they receive from God to express more fear and doubt (for example), more of the same type of negative energy that is directed against them, and the false hierarchy thereby accumulates more energy to use in its efforts to subvert the entire planet.

Any individual lifestream on earth, whether embodied or disembodied, may be at some time a vessel through which this energy may flow, and thus a “tool of the sinister force.” So it is very important for us to protect ourselves from being used unwittingly to further the plots of the hordes of darkness.

This force is not so much coherent as it is amalgamated. In other words, it is not a purposeful manifestation, but a huge mass, a conglomerate sea of mortal substance of thought and feeling. It is affinitized to what people have thought and felt over the centuries that is not perfect.

Archangel Michael offers his protection against the plots of the sinister force:

When I am in the Great Central Sun and you have a dire need, you by your diligent decrees to me will have already established a highway of Light to my heart that you keep open twenty-four hours a day. Therefore simultaneously when you say, “Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!” I may reach down with the speed of light and pluck you out of the jaws of the sinister force and their plots against you.

So value this protection, beloved ones, because there are many fallen ones in the earth who seek to draw you this way and that way—often in the way that seemeth right to you but is not, for the ends thereof are the ways of death.[2]


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  1. The term the force as used in this article should not be confused with its use in the Star Wars movies, as in “the Force be with you,” where it refers to a universal energy of light.
  2. Archangel Michael, “Take Opportunity!” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 37, no. 41, October 9, 1994.