Sons of Belial

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The sons of Belial are the seed of the fallen angel Belial, who sought to supplant the seed of Christ at every hand. In the Old Testament, belial is usually interpreted as a common noun meaning worthlessness, ungodliness, or wickedness. (Deut. 13:13; Judges 19:22; 20:13; I Samuel 2:12; 10:27; 25:17; II Samuel 23:6; I Kings 21:10, 13; II Chronicles 13:7). In II Cor. 6:l5, Belial is used as a proper name for a prince of demons.

Some Jewish apocryphal works make Belial synonymous with Satan, but this is actually the name of a different fallen angel, whose sons took embodiment after the fall of Lucifer.

The ascended master Cha Ara speaks of the sons of Belial:

The Indian Council has asked me to apprise the students that there are upon the planet sons of Belial2 just as there are sons of God. These sons of darkness have reappeared throughout the ages desiring the slaughter of the innocents. In the time of Moses they were there, making it necessary to hide him in the bulrushes; in the time of Christ Jesus they were also there, making it necessary for him to be taken in the arms of his mother across the desert in the flight into Egypt.

Many are these sons of Belial scattered among humanity who would corrupt the perfection of the soul of man, who would obscure the divine image. These are the harbingers of destruction that you read about in your papers. Although their goals have remained the same, their methods of executing them have changed with the times.

One day, by reason of the false patterns they have adopted in their lives, by reason of the darkness they allow to lodge within them, they will be no more. Yet, while the sun shines upon the just and the unjust, they continue their machinations as though there were no standard of decency in the universe. They lament their lot as well as the plight of humanity. Seeking solution in the hand of flesh, they deny the pervading order of Spirit.

Some have not considered the parable of the tares and the wheat in terms of the children of darkness and the children of Light, as Jesus explained it to his disciples privately.[1]. Some have not even thought upon the problem of embodied evil. It is not our intention that any should become unduly upset upon discovering those evil elements in society which have been present for generations. All should recognize the operation of the law of cycles, the inevitability of the harvest when the tares will be gathered in bundles and burned. At the same time they should be vigilant in defense of the Christ Light, seeking to curb the nefarious influences of the sons of Belial upon their children, upon their governments, and upon the educational systems of the world.[2]

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