Sons of the Solitude

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The Sons of the Solitude are an ancient Brotherhood of advanced adepts. In the book A Dweller on Two Planets, by Phylos the Tibetan, we learn that they were the highest initiates on Atlantis. They were celibate, lived without families and often apart from civilization. In some instances, they returned to civilization to serve their fellowman in Church and State.

The Sons of the Solitude attained their mastery through years of training in many lifetimes, becoming unascended and then ascended adepts. Their motto is “I Serve,” “Ich Dien.” Examples in scripture of the Sons of the Solitude include Abraham, Melchizedek, Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. Ernon, Rai of Suern, was one of the Sons of the Solitude.

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Phylos the Tibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets.

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