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Бог есть Дух, и душа - живой потенциал Бога. Потребовав свободной воли и отделившись от Бога, душа снизила свой потенциал до потенциала плоти. Посеянной в уничижении душе суждено взойти в славе к полноте того Бого-состояния, которое является единым Духом всей Жизни. Душа может быть потеряна; Дух никогда не умирает.

Душа остается падшим потенциалом, покуда не пропитается реальностью Духа, не очистится молитвой и обращением к Богу и не вернется к единству Целого и к славе, от которой она низошла. Это воссоединение души с Духом является алхимической свадьбой, определяющей судьбу «я» и делающей его единым с бессмертной Истиной. Когда этот ритуал исполнен, высшее Я возводится на престол как Господь Жизни, и обнаруживается, что потенциал Бога, реализованный в человеке, есть Все-во-всем.

The master Morya describes the origin of the soul:

Let us ... see what portion of the Infinite One has been realized in the immediate forcefield of that which you call your self. The seed of this self, of course, had to come forth from the Great God Self, for there is no other source from whence it could come. Cycling through the spheres of the great Monad of Life, the seed of self-awareness gathers skeins of light—thread by thread, wound and woven, woven and wound about the point of awareness, building an energy field. And the seed becomes a soul born out of Spirit’s own union with life. And the soul is a miniature sun revolving about the central sun of Universal Being....

The sphere of God-being is a whirling atom that is called the Alpha-to-Omega. Out of the whirling of the polarity of the I AM THAT I AM, the seed of the soul is born. And as it moves through the cycles of the Monad, it forms a new polarity with the center. And the electron of selfhood, a new selfhood, is born....

As God multiplied himself over and over again in the I AM Presence (the individualized spark of being), the seeds that became souls—the souls that were thrust from the planes of Spirit—became living souls in the planes of Matter ... the emergent souls gathered skeins of Matter to form the vehicles of selfhood in time and space—the mind, the memory, the emotions tethered to the physical form. Thus veiled in flesh and blood, the soul was equipped to navigate in time and space.[1]

The dwelling place of the soul is the seat-of-the-soul chakra. This chakra is located midpoint between the base-of-the-spine chakra and the solar-plexus chakra, which is located at the navel. The soul is called by God to mount the spiral staircase from the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the secret chamber of the heart, where she meets her beloved Holy Christ Self.

The ascended masters have referred to the soul as the child who lives inside of us. Psychologists have dubbed the soul “the inner child.” The soul by any other name is still the soul. And we are her parents and teachers, even as we are her students.

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