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The Southern Cross

The Southern Cross (also known as Crux) is a constellation in the southern sky. It is one of the most easily recognized constellations, and it is often used for navigation in the southern hemisphere as the Pole Star is in northern hemisphere. It is included in the flags of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Samoa.

Over the 25,800-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, the position of the Southern Cross relative to the south celestial pole varies considerably. The stars of this constellation were known to the ancient Greeks and were visible as far north as Britain in the fourth millennium B.C. However, by 400 A.D., most of the stars of the constellation never rose above the horizon of Athens. It has been noted that the Southern Cross was last visible on the horizon in Jerusalem around the time of Jesus’ crucifixion.[1]

The ascended masters have spoken about the Southern Cross on a number of occasions:

In El Morya’s Christmas Letter of 1974, he conveyed a message from Alpha and Omega:

“Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega! And I place the star of the Christ, the energy forcefield of the Causal Body of Jesus, over every soul gathering skeins of light in the womb of the Mother as the body of the Lord is formed and reformed for his eternal coming. I place the fire of the Southern Cross as a forcefield of protection in the aura of every mother with child. And I say of those who slaughter the holy innocents: They shall not pass! So let it be unto them according to that which is written in the Book of Life.”

Cuzco, March 28, 1975:

Men gaze into the heavens seeking the comet as a sign, yet as the Son of God said, “There shall no sign be given, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” Yet there is a sign in the heavens that foretells the time of his appearing in mankind, in a planet, and in a people. It is the sign of the Southern Cross. It is the cross of white-fire light in the south, where the flame of the Mother is born.

Mankind recognize the sign of the coming of the Woman clothed with the Sun and the birth of her Manchild as she contains the moon beneath her feet.[2] The coming of the Cosmic Virgin is the time when, for initiation into higher cycles of God-realization, a planet and a people must pass through the initiation of the crucifixion. So let it be that the cosmic cross of white fire, which I mark now as the sign of the Christed ones, foretells the coming of age of a planet, a people, and the dream of God for freedom for both.[3]

El Morya, October 3, 1989:

I seal you with the sign and the vibration of the lapis. I am your Morya El, never willing to be cast in anyone’s mold. Therefore I have come in my love garment, bearing my flame of cherishment for my own. I place the inner replica of the Southern Cross filled in as white fire for the sealing of the Community.

El Morya also spoke of the Southern Cross in Leaves of Morya’s Garden:

Soar with your thoughts. Fly by affirmation.

Fly by love.
And you will realize the joy of flying.
And the gulf of life will remain far below you.
And a miracle of flaming colors will radiate near the splendor of the Southern Cross.

All is attainable.[4]


Compiled by the editors.

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