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== His mission today ==
Paul the Venetian is a majestic being of some six feet, five inches in height. He is fair of countenance with deep blue eyes and golden, wavy hair. He is usually garbed in raiment of emerald-green velvet. Since he is a native of the planet [[Venus]], where the inhabitants are masters of the Flame and therefore radiate harmony and divine love, Paul’s natural heritage is beauty and grace, diplomacy and tact. His voice is melodious and kind, bringing comfort and peace to all who come in contact with his Presence.
The ascended master Paul the Venetian is a great teacher of the path of love. His devotion is to beauty, the perfection of the soul through compassion, patience, understanding, self-discipline and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart by the alchemy of self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender. He initiates the [[heart chakra]], and he trains us in the gift of the discerning of spirits—discerning good and evil, light and shadow and the delicate nuances of all of our creations of beauty. Discernment is a real inner sensitivity to one another.
Seventy-six years later, in a dictation given in Washington, D.C., September 30, 1962, the ascended master [[K-17]] announced the bestowal of another gift from France to America, this time from Paul the Venetian:
: <blockquote>There has been held a beautiful and wonderful session at Chananda’s retreat in India, and a decision was made on the part of beloved Paul the Venetian whereby there was transferred from his retreat in France this day, at the hour of eleven o’clock your time, the full pulsation of the great liberty flame.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>This flame was permanently placed within the forcefield of the Washington Monument; and the pulsations of the liberty flame are intended to grace the heart of America as a gift from the Brotherhood and from the heart of beloved Paul the Venetian.... </blockquote>
: <blockquote>It is given as a treasure from the heart of France, from the spiritual government of France to the spiritual government of America.... The liberty flame is a gift of greater magnitude than the former gift of France, the Statue of Liberty, as a tribute to that great being, the Goddess of Liberty. It is incomparable, for the flame itself shall penetrate the structure of the monument, rising high into the atmosphere above it. And all who visit there shall become, even without knowing it, infused by the pulsations of the liberty flame within the heart of America.</blockquote>
== Studying with Paul the Venetian ==
One who studied at Paul the Venetian’s retreat was Norman Rockwell, American painter and illustrator (1894–1978). Paul speaks of instructing him:
: <blockquote>I remember when Norman Rockwell came to me at inner levels to study in my etheric retreat. And I remember as I counseled him to show the Christ in the American people, in everyday scenes of humor, humility, wonder, togetherness, heroism. And all these have been treasured, remembered and valued highly because something of the spirit of the Christ image that is become an image of America came through his work.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>A unique artist, one devoted to the inherent qualities and identity of the individual. As his perception of the Christ was, so was his painting the capturing of unique moments. You might examine that work to find in each painting what is the glimmer, however great or faint, of some aspect of the individual reaching for the Higher Self.<ref>Paul the Venetian, “The Art of Love,” {{POWref|27|3|, January 15, 1984.</ref></blockquote>
The beloved master Paul has promised an important initiation to those who come knocking at the door of his retreat in southern France, ready for a greater increment of the love flame:
: <blockquote>I will take you by the hand and show you my castle. I will show you the works of art that have been brought forth by chelas unascended and ascended. And we will go through many rooms, and lastly I will take you to the room where there is that frame that hangs. In some cases it will be an empty frame; in some cases it will have a canvas in it. It will be your frame, the frame of your identity waiting for you to bring forth the genius of your soul. And when you see that frame, if it is empty, you will want to fill it.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>And so I will take you to that place, “The Atelier,” where you can work with other artisans who are learning the art of living love by the discipline of the hand and the discipline of expression so that you can draw the image of your own Christ-perfection. And when it is the best that you have to offer, it will be placed in your frame.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>And when you come again before that frame after many months of purging and self-purification, you will say undoubtedly, “Beloved Paul, may I have another opportunity to express my Christhood, to draw the image of myself? For I have perceived a new aspect of that image, and I would like to have this, my best offering, now placed in my frame.” And, of course, you will have the opportunity.”<ref>{{LSR}}, book 2, pp. 112–13.</ref></blockquote>
== The purpose of art ==
The ascended master Paul the Venetian says:
: <blockquote>I AM Paul the Venetian. I paint on canvas on the ethers. I etch in crystal, I sculpt, I mold the clay. I fashion all things physical and many substances not known to you in the higher octaves. To what purpose? To the purpose of showing forth an evermore revealing and exquisite image of the Christ—the Christ appearing in children, in people from every walk of life....</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Is it any wonder that we deplore the chaotic and abstract art that has no point of unity? It also portrays a certain barrenness and absence of that point of light in the individual. One can see anarchy by an absence of dimension—an absence of harmony or focalization in modern art.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Modern art enters the subconscious. Accordingly, whether or not the artist is influenced by marijuana or other substances, art portrayed in fabric design, wall coverings, clothing style becomes a matrix capable or incapable of carrying some measure of Christly proportion. When the peoples’ art and sense of art flounders, then the images of Christ recede.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>It is rare to find a work of art that is come from the etheric octave in this period.... Where will your leaders learn to deal with the invaders of the minds of the nations? They will learn from the etheric schoolrooms and cities and retreats. How will they get there if they do not contain the crystal that becomes the magnet and a star to follow when the soul goes forth from the body in the hours of sleep?</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Unless angels and devotees of light accompany them, they will have no new idea, no means of resolution. Without internal harmony that is the direct child of perfect love, there is no resolution to international terror or the threat of nuclear war. And while abortion itself seems to me the supreme act of anti-art, it does beget the callousness that year-by-year has a lessening sensitivity to the art of angels and the art of God who fashioned the perfect image out of which you were sculpted in clay.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Thus, beloved ones, it is necessary in the very midst of the most tense international circumstances to retreat into the contemplation of the divine beauty and the music of the spheres, to remember that the building blocks of creation are sound and that sound forms a pattern that is a divine harmony and that this divine harmony can be portrayed in architecture, in life, in everyday utensils such as pottery. The things you use and you surround yourself with become a focus for the flow of attention.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Art is not a subject so often dwelt upon in our discourses, for there are such pressing needs—pressing needs of the hour for the victory for [[Saint Germain]]. I bring my ingredient of love in this hour as an offering to the Christ Child, to the one and the beloved whom I have so longed to paint in the ultimate sense and have done so to the best of my ability in the etheric octave.<ref>Paul the Venetian, “The Art of Love,” {{POWref|27|3|, January 15, 1984}}</ref></blockquote>
== His twin flame ==

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