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[[Virgo and Pelleur]] are cosmic beings who rule from the sun of even pressure in the center of the earth and direct the rays of the [[causal body]] through the earth element. During the first three golden ages that element was transparent, pure as crystal with rainbow hues, but after the descent of mankind’s consciousness into duality, the earth element took on the density of man’s consciousness, as did the water and the air.
On June 1, 1980, [[Gautama Buddha ]] said:
<blockquote>The very bowels of the earth must convulse and must release darkness and the dark ones, for beneath that very manifestation is the great light of the sun of even pressure. That sun of even pressure, intensifying and releasing the currents of the [[Great Central Sun]], causes the shifting in the earth, the adjustment, the alignment, and even the eruption of volcano. Thus pressing to the surface those surface manifestations of the [[astral plane]], elemental life are clearing the way for the rising of the emanations, the frequencies of the white-fire core itself.</blockquote>

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