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== Thoughtforms for different years ==
=== 1962 A golden “spinning wheel” ===
<blockquote>The thoughtform for the year, which beloved Gautama described so well in his New Year’s address, is a '''golden “spinning wheel”''' releasing a golden thread of pure radiant energy to each lifestream to manifest as his apportioned substance. The nine spokes of the wheel are indicative of the seven members of the Karmic Board, and includes also beloved Gautama Lord of the World and blessed [[Saint Germain]] who are spokesmen for the [[Great White Brotherhood]] throughout the golden age. This golden thread, symbolical of each man esteeming his life energy as obedient substance, subjective with joy to God’s will, shall be used in the golden age to weave garments of immortality to endure as Christ accomplishment in a living memorial to God’s honor flame!<ref>Cuzco, {{POWref|5|2|, January 12, 1962}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1963 Three overlapping stars ===
<blockquote>The thoughtform for the year, beloved ones, is quite simple and yet beautiful. The thoughtform for this year, beloved ones, consists of '''three overlapping stars'''. These stars, beloved ones, are six-pointed stars. The star in the background is blue, representing the will of God; the next star is yellow, or golden, representing the illumination of God; and the smaller star is the pink star, representing the love of God. This is a part of the thoughtform.</blockquote>
<blockquote>The meaning of this symbol is quite clear: that it is in the balance of the will of God, the love of God, and the wisdom of God that mankind shall attain their victory, and that this balance is sent the world around by the Brotherhood to bring the victory of immortal love, wisdom, and intelligence into the hearts of men, that those waiting hearts may receive the fullness of that for which they have called.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1962, “The Three-Star Symbol,” {{POWref|26|3|, January 16, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1964 A golden anvil ===
<blockquote>At our meeting in the Grand Teton this year and the occasion of the glorious visit of the [[Seven Holy Kumaras]], the thoughtform for the year was released as a '''golden anvil'''. Wherever this thoughtform is used it is our suggestion that the brightest possible gold be employed in creating it. We also suggest that the word freedom be placed above it, denoting that mankind’s chains may be broken upon an anvil of freedom and as a reminder that once every form of tyranny and slavery have been abolished, responsibility does not thereupon cease; on the contrary, that all must strive together in the great smithy forge of life through their own intelligently directed efforts and through the great God-design to hammer out upon the great anvil of freedom, which is truly a golden anvil of illumined action, every necessary armor of righteousness, every necessary adornment and utensil of service, every right idea, and every right action.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Long ago a gaunt figure, surveying the battlefields of Gettysburg, uttered these well-remembered words—“The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Beloved ones, may I from [[Shamballa]] remind you of the forerunners of progress who have dedicated themselves to the service of mankind and the holy cause of Godliness. Let everyone who would decipher the keynote for this year see it as an anvil of service, a golden anvil, whereupon mighty benefactions shall be fashioned for the good of the world and the freedom of all men. As we move forward toward peace with caution exercised on every hand and faith in God in whom we trust, let all persevere so the divine intent shall gleam more brightly.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1963, “The Great Anvil of Freedom,” {{POWref|7|2|, January 10, 1964}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1965 A golden scroll with the words “PEACE With Honor” ===
<blockquote>And now behold, I see a '''golden scroll''' descending from God out of heaven and upon it there is one word and the word is '''''PEACE''''', and this is also written in gold. And now the hand of an angel adds two very small words beneath—'''''With Honor'''''. And I see the [[cosmic honor flame]] of God blazing from afar as a candle in the dark that passes through the universe and causes life to start, to regenerate, to purify, to be all that he is and all that I am and all that you are in the great divine reality of your being.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1964, “Go Be!” {{POWref|26|7|, February 13, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1966 A hand holding a golden key with the word LOVE ===
<blockquote>The thoughtform for the year is a hand—a hand—''a right hand from above, holding '''a golden key with three notches in the key and on the side of the key, the letters ''L-O-V-E—LOVE'''''.</blockquote>
<blockquote>From on high, God’s hand holds the key, which is Love, by which all doors may open to every devotee of the Most High. Love is the key that opens every door, and if the doors of the hearts of men are to respond to God, it must be by a great outpouring of divine love this year. And this is the attitude of wisdom. Let him who has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit saith unto all men.<ref>Matt. 13:9, 43; Mark 4:23; 7:16; Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22; 13:9.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>These simple statements are charged with the essence of man’s freedom. Without these statements in action, mankind can but come to naught; and with these statements in action, Love then becomes the key that bestows the grace of heaven upon earth in every age.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1965, “Love Is the Key,” {{POWref|26|9|, February 27, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1967 A golden replica of the Earth ===
<blockquote>The thoughtform for the year is a beautiful '''golden replica of the planetary body Earth. And through the axis thereof and actually manifesting on the outer periphery of that Earth is the stalk of a beautiful golden calla lily'''—the calla lily rising up to what is known as the North Pole and extending its influences not only over the Earth and its people but over the immediate area of outer space surrounding your world, the area that has been penetrated by numerous vehicles which the mankind of Earth have sent to outer space as a probe and experiment for interplanetary travel.</blockquote>
<blockquote>And purity, even God-purity, is the salvation of the Earth throughout the twelve-month cycle to come. And it is the means of the purification of the temple of each individual’s world and the universal purification of all upon this planetary body to whom renewed hope then is given that purity and purification are possibilities to every man.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1966, “A Star of Hope to the World,” {{POWref|26|10|, March 6, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1968 A golden sun with the word UNO ===
<blockquote>The pages have delivered to us the veil, and the veil is being withdrawn from the descending thoughtform of the year [1968]. It is simple and beautiful and complete, and I reverence it.</blockquote>
<blockquote>There is no complication here. How can men find fault with it or speak of it disparagingly? For it speaks of the hour when creation was one and of the hour when it shall be again.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1967, “UNO,” {{POWref|26|12|, March 20, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1969 The Ark of the Covenant ===
<blockquote>The chalice descends, and in it is the thoughtform for the year [1969]. It is '''the [[Ark of the covenant|Ark of the Covenant]]'''. It is simple. It was formed long ago. And now we see it in its preserved and beauteous state, inlaid with gold and having upon its top the covering [[cherubim]].</blockquote>
<blockquote>You can feel, in the hidden recesses of your heart within, the presence of this ark—an ark of safety, an ark of light, a place to receive the commandments of God, that they themselves, being written there, may speak out from your heart with the authority of the Law from Zion. For did I not correctly apprehend him when he said, “Zion is my holy mount and I will dwell therein forever”?<ref>Ps. 132.</ref> Shall not the joy of Zion, then, run throughout the earth, and the great four rivers themselves in their confluence comment upon the restoration of the consciousness of Eden?<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1968, “The Ark of the Covenant,” {{POWref|26|14|, April 3, 1983}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1975 A multifaceted jewel focusing the flame of the mind of God ===
<blockquote>Now comes the sphere sealed with the light of the Ancient of Days, sealed with the kiss of [[Sanat Kumara]]. And as the golden ball of the year descends into this forcefield, there is a bursting of the ball, and into the cup of consciousness descends the thoughtform for the year 1975—'''a multifaceted jewel focusing the flame of the mind of God''', a gem that is not of this world; nor does it bear resemblance to the crystals of this plane. In the center of the jewel is that flame of the mind of God.</blockquote>
<blockquote>So you see how God Almighty, cosmic hierarchies, and cosmic councils are determined that mankind should experience a rebirth through the quickening, the rejuvenation, the cosmic action of the mind of God.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1974, “Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1975: The Jewel of the Mind of God,” {{POWref|1|48|, December 22, 2018}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1976 The diamond pin of the Divine Mother ===
<blockquote>Now the angels of Sanat Kumara, angels from out the Great Central Sun, angels of cosmos are winging their way carrying the scroll, the sacred scroll, on which is written the thoughtform for the year 1976. They place it in my hands and I unroll the sacred scroll. And there is given to Terra in this year a focus of the [Diamond heart|[Diamond Heart]] of [[Mother Mary|Mary]], the Diamond Heart of the [[Divine Mother]]. And this focus is '''the diamond pin which the Divine Mother has worn upon her breast for centuries and centuries'''. It is a diamond pin which you have seen as you have come to the altar of the Divine Mother even thousands and tens of thousands of years ago. In your eye, your very eye, there is a record of this diamond pin which you have seen. And therefore, it is a sign of home, of Mother’s love, of her caress, of her heart. And it will be a sign to all of the children of Terra that the Mother is nigh.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Now, take the lessons of the Buddha and the Mother, and the meditations. Take the mantras, take the songs, take the love, take the truth, take the identity of your Real Self, and make them live. Make them live! Make them live, my children! And you, too, shall live!<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1975, “Raising the Light of Mother for the Opening of the Crown,” {POWref|55|1|January 1, 2012}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1977 A golden eagle from the God Star Sirius ===
<blockquote>And now the angels of the [[Ancient of Days]] draw nigh. The angels of the Ancient of Days come forth. And the thoughtform for the year 1977 is upon us. Now there is the opening, the unwrapping of a very large box. The angels have brought and placed before the Buddha the gift of the Christ Mass. They kneel; they remove the wrappings and the ribbon. They remove the lid from the box and they place before me this thoughtform: '''A golden eagle from the God Star [[Sirius]]'''—the golden eagle that is the archetype of the deliverance of the sons and daughters of God that has ever been the symbol and the signet of Sirius and of the nations sponsored by the Four and Twenty Elders.</blockquote>
<blockquote>God wills to live on earth, in earth this year in a very peculiar fashion through a very peculiar and precious people. And therefore, God places himself as a golden eagle. And so you see, when you walk the earth, should someone chance to notice that you are wearing a golden eagle in your heart, they will never suspect that it is God. And therefore, the merriment and the joy, the concealing within the eagle of the real and lively living flame of the Almighty One.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1976, “Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1977: A Golden Eagle from the God Star Sirius,” {{POWref|20|24|, June 12, 1977}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1979 A flag of the United States of America in its inner design ===
<blockquote>Angels from out the Central Sun are descending now with the thoughtform for the year 1979. They deliver to me that symbol which is to be the symbol of light and of the lowering of the light from Alpha and Omega to evolutions of earth in this year. Now with the opening and the unveiling of the emblem, you will come to understand your great tie to the God Star, Sirius, and even the symbol of the eagle.</blockquote>
<blockquote>It is returned to you after hundreds of thousands of years. For this, the original standard, is that with which souls of light went forth to claim an earth and an evolution for the victory and to one day come to these shores known as the Promised Land. For here in America, you were told by Alpha and Omega, every promise of God to your soul would be fulfilled if your free will would confirm that promise. And so America has been a land of hope and of dreams and of opportunity and of fulfillment for many.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1978, “An Experience Restored in the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra,” {{POWref|54|2|, January 15, 2011}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1983 The bluebird of happiness bearing the message of the Christ incarnate === <blockquote>A mighty angel of the L<small>ORD</small> delivers to me a scroll. And upon it, performed in the magnificent artwork of a cosmic being, assisted by beloved [[Paul the Venetian]], there is the image, as above so below, of a bird of happiness, a bird of paradise. It is intensely blue. The breast of the bird, much like the breast of a robin, is a ruby and rose. And beyond the breast, translucent, one sees the skillful designing of a [[threefold flame]]. It is like the bluebird of happiness. It is like the robin in spring that brings hope of a new season and a new life. But it is an etheric bird that combines the qualities of both and more, for it sings the most beautiful song of heaven.</blockquote> <blockquote>This thoughtform of the bird is a representation of [[Alpha]] himself, as Alpha would come closer to earth this year by releasing millions of these birds out of the etheric octave and into the physical.</blockquote> <blockquote>The threefold flame of the heart is the sign that the bird bears the message of Christ incarnate to every child of God. And the threefold flame is the point of Alpha—Alpha’s spirit coming to the earth to comfort the people.</blockquote> <blockquote>The bird is reminiscent of the doves that did not return after the Flood and of the rainbow of promise of a new day.<ref>Gen. 8:8–12, 9:13–17.</ref> The bird reminds one of the messengers of God of past ages and of all the archetypal virtues that the birds bring, such as the [[Mighty Blue Eagle|eagle from Sirius]].</blockquote> <blockquote>Last but not least, this bird with the image of the threefold flame behind the ruby breast is a sign to [[elemental]] life that the hour is indeed coming when, because the sons of God all give devotion to that flame, the elementals may also gain a point of the Trinity and earn their immortality. The bird brings remembrance of blessed Jesus and the sign of his coming, and of beloved [[Saint Francis]], and the cross that is formed in the air.<ref>''The Little Flowers of Saint Francis'' recoounts that Saint Francis once preached a sermon to a multitude of birds. At the conclusion of the sermon, the saint made the sign of the cross and gave them leave to fly away. As they did so, they formed a cross in the air.</ref> The bird is a sign of hope that the souls of light may also fly, and follow the currents to a place prepared.</blockquote>  <blockquote>This bluebird, with the rose and fiery ruby, has the yellow beak and little feet, completing a threefold flame. And the eyes that see so much is the eye of the watch bird, watching you. The eyes, therefore, change as they respond to the auras of the people. And as one meditates upon these eyes, one sees, also, and remembers, that the eye of the [[Virgin of Guadalupe]] contains all inside a message in itself and a confirmation of her appearance to Juan Diego. Therefore, beloved, in the eye of the bird can been seen a mirror of nature, of heaven, of the soul, and even of the auras of the seed of the wicked.</blockquote> <blockquote>These birds throughout the world, who will speak to the souls of God’s people, will warn, will comfort, will teach as a sign and a presence of their own Christ Self and the Buddhas. It is Alpha’s gift, and our Father does release now these birds from his heart. Millions fly through his cosmic heart and come—wise and almost as angels, thoughtforms of the mind of God. And what is so rare, beloved, is that Alpha in his own heart contains many millions of qualities.</blockquote> <blockquote>No two of these birds are alike. Millions of birds, each carrying a virtue—not as cut out of the same mold or cookie cutter, as you would say of [[mechanization man]], but each one uniquely embracing a portion of Alpha’s flame. Thus, the thoughtform for the year 1983 is the single bird, as God is One. But in manifestation, they are millions. Thus you may also understand, as the birds land on your shoulder, that you are also one, and worthy, and facets of the song of Alpha and Omega and the lullaby that the Cosmic Mother sings—one bird, and the many out of one, and the one out of many.</blockquote> <blockquote>And when in the round of cycles these birds return to the heart of Alpha, they shall approach in a mighty V. But when they enter his heart, it shall be one bird entering the heart of Alpha. For all shall return to the mystical body of the One, the thoughtform itself. And it is true of elemental life, if you can understand the nature of the [[group soul]].<ref>Gautama Buddha, January 1, 1983.</ref></blockquote> === 1984 Kuan Yin’s scroll to the children of the Sun ===
<blockquote>The angel of Sanat Kumara does deliver to me the scroll, the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1984. [pause]</blockquote>
<blockquote>Blessed ones, this formula and this engram of light will be internalized by you as you give the mantras of Kuan Yin. May the blessed one be remembered and revered, for the heart of Kuan Yin is the open door to love—and to love and to love.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1983, “Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1984: Kuan Yin’s Scroll to the Children of the Sun,” {{POWref|27|4|, January 22, 1984}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1990 A device illustrating the transformation through which the earth must pass ===
<blockquote>Blessed ones, a being of Light from the [[Great Central Sun|Central Sun]] does deliver to me the thoughtform for the year 1990. It is the thoughtform not only for this year but for this decade and some cycles beyond.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Powerful angels of Light of Surya transport this instrument to the location prepared for it in Cuzco’s retreat. From time to time you will receive dictations giving you the awareness of where the planet is in this process of transformation.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1989, “The Resurrection May Not Be Postponed,” {{POWref|33|2, January 14, 1990}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1991 The sign of fire descending ===
<blockquote>So the angel does bring to me now the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1991. As you can well imagine, beloved, it is '''a scroll on which is painted the heavenly hues of the sacred fire.''' This is a scroll that moves. All upon it is alive. Flames are in motion. And in each of the thousands and millions of flames portrayed of every hue of the qualification of God there is a noble one of heaven manifest.</blockquote>
<blockquote>By the means of fire, beings of Light shall descend to earth. As long as there is fire and fire increasing, they shall stay....</blockquote>
<blockquote>This thoughtform, then, is '''the sign of fire descending''', not ascending. It is the fire of descending holy ones of God, and even the [[Dhyani Buddhas]] come much closer now than they have been before....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Thus, as you look at the scroll, beneath the fire and the descent of heaven's fiery ones you can also see the panorama of that which cannot meet or match that fire. And those who move against that fire for the false belief that theirs is better, ''they'' will be in turmoil and in tempest, ''they'' will engage in their battles and their wars, ''they'' will attempt to draw the Lightbearers in, as they have always done.</blockquote>
<blockquote>But we know, for the thoughtform of the year tells us and your hearts tell us, that the fire upon this mountain will be kept as antidote for all of that. If the earth go through a purging and a purification and a complete alchemicalization, beloved, I say to you, what is that to thee? Follow thou the Buddha of your heart, the Christ who is the shepherd of your soul!<ref>John 21:22.</ref> In the stillness of the sangha above and beneath the earth, the Buddha awaits you.<ref>Gautama Buddha, “The Increase of the Fire of the Heart,” {{POWref|34|6|, February 10, 1991}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1992 The Great Tao ===
<blockquote>The thoughtform of the year, beloved, is also '''the Great Tao'''. But within the Tao are the worlds within worlds of turning, all of the points of manifestation in seed form in dots of Light that shall go forth to become worlds in themselves.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Thus, the manifestation of balance of cosmic forces is the key to the victory in this year and decade and age. When you hold in your heart and body this balance of Light within Light, then know that the power of God that can manifest in you can work wonders beyond your sense of self....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Balance is represented this year in the thoughtform of the scales as well as that of the Great Tao and other symbols that convey to levels of the mind keys to the unconscious that tell the soul that this is truly the year for Divine Justice in every way.<ref>Gautama Buddha, “A Joyous Year,” {{POWref|35|7|, February 16, 1992}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1993 The All-Seeing Eye of God ===
<blockquote>And now there is handed to me the scroll of the thoughtform of the year 1993, as you calculate the cycles. So this thoughtform, beloved, is unmistakable and clear. This single thoughtform is being multiplied a billion times ''everywhere!'' You will not turn a foot in time or space without this thoughtform being present.</blockquote>
<blockquote>It is '''the All-Seeing Eye of God''', beloved—the most needed faculty of Divine Love on the part of every person and those who have not yet personhood but must win it through their own Christ Self and Inner Buddha.</blockquote>
<blockquote>I AM the Lord of the World. Therefore I have something to say this night to the evolutions of earth. The [thoughtform of the] All-Seeing Eye of God is given that you might see, that you might open your eyes, that you might look through the single eye of God and know what is real and what is unreal, what is the illusion that leads you astray and what is the path that is real and necessary for your fulfillment.<ref>Gautama Buddha, “I Shall Kindle!” {{POWref|36|4|, January 24, 1993}}</ref></blockquote>
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