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The Order of the Magi is a very holy inner order of the [[Great White Brotherhood]]. The [[Three Wise Men|three kings]] who came to the birth of [[Jesus]] were members of that order. Members of the order are committed to the service of the Christ, the worship of the Christ, the unfoldment of the Christ mind, the wisdom of the Christ. They are pledged to the [[Ascension Temple|retreat of Serapis Bey]] and committed to the [[ascension]] through service.
The Covenant of the Magi is the vow that all must take if they would become a member of the Holy Order of the Magi. There may be thousands on the inner. There may be unascended and [[ascended master]]s who take part in it. We have not been given a great deal of instruction on it, but we know that this vow is a key point in the ascension of every person upon the planet.
As we live this vow, we may be accepted into that holy order. We know not when. This initiation may occur at night while we are sleeping. But at some point in our evolution, if we are determined that we shall be perfected enough and make ourselves acceptable enough in his sight, we might be a part of this great order of beings who were so privileged to attend the birth of the Christ and who continue to attend his birth in each heart.

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