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 h English (en)In addition, archaeological evidence has shown that Canaan was not populated by semi-nomads but was a land of culturally advanced city kingdoms. Eminent biblical archaeologist William F. Albright advanced the theory that Abraham lived around 1800 <small>B</small>.<small>C</small>. and “was a wealthy caravaneer and merchant whose relations with the native princes and communities were fixed by contracts and treaties (covenants).”<ref>''The Biblical Archaeologist'', vol. 36, 1973, 1, pp. 15, 16.</ref> Others have described the patriarch as the charismatic chief of a clan of herdsmen, farmers and warriors. Scholar Zecharia Sitchin claims that Abraham was a Sumerian nobleman born as early as 2123 <small>B</small>.<small>C</small>. who was descended from a priestly family of royal blood and who had a large household and a private army.<ref>See Zecharia Sitchin, ''The Wars of Gods and Men'' (New York: Avon Books, 1985), pp. 281–309.</ref>