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 h English (en)The antahkarana is composed of the filigree threads that connect the [[Silent Watcher]]s serving throughout the [[Macrocosm]]. This antahkarana is the conductor of the energies of the [[Great Central Sun Magnet]]. The [[crystal cord]] that connects the [[God Self]] and the [[Christ Self]] of each individual with the Great Central Sun Magnet is part of this antahkarana.
 h Spanish (es)El antakarana se compone de los hilos de filigrana que conectan a los [[Special:MyLanguage/Silent Watchers|Vigilantes Silenciosos]] que sirven en todo el [[Special:MyLanguage/Macrocosm|Macrocosmos]]. Este antakarana es el conductor de las energías del [[Special:MyLanguage/Great Central Sun Magnet|Imán del Gran Sol Central]]. El [[Special:MyLanguage/crystal cord|cordón cristalino]] que conecta al [[Special:MyLanguage/God Self|Ser Divino]] y al [[Special:MyLanguage/Christ Self|Ser Crístico]] de cada individuo con el Imán del Gran Sol Central son parte de este antakarana.