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 h English (en)While there are seven pairs of [[Elohim]] in outer manifestation, there are five in inner manifestation within the [[Great Central Sun]]. These five manifest the [[five secret rays]].
 h Spanish (es)Habiendo siete pares de [[Special:MyLanguage/Elohim|Elohim]] en manifestación exterior, hay cinco en manifestación interior dentro del Gran Sol Central. Estos cinco manifiestan los [[Special:MyLanguage/Five secret rays|cinco rayos secretos]].
 h Portuguese (pt)Assim como existem sete pares de [[Special:MyLanguage/Elohim|Elohim]] em manifestação  externa, existem cinco em manifestação interna, no interior do [[Special:MyLanguage/Great Central Sun|Grande Sol Central]]. Estes cinco manifestam os [[Special:MyLanguage/five secret rays|cinco raios secretos]].