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 h English (en)Jesus holds the office in hierarchy of [[World Teacher]], which he shares with the Ascended Master [[Kuthumi]], who was embodied as [[Saint Francis]].
 h Spanish (es)Jesús ocupa el cargo en la jerarquía de [[Special:MyLanguage/World Teacher|Instructor del Mundo]], que comparte con el Maestro Ascendido [[Special:MyLanguage/Kuthumi|Kutumi]], quien estuvo encarnado en [[Special:MyLanguage/Saint Francis|San Francisco]].
 h Portuguese (pt)Jesus ocupa na hierarquia o cargo de [[Special:MyLanguage/World Teacher|Instrutor Mundial]] que compartilha com o Mestre Ascenso [[Special:MyLanguage/Kuthumi|Kuthumi]], que esteve encarnado como [[Special:MyLanguage/Saint Francis|São Francisco]].