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 h English (en)The stream of life that comes forth from the one Source, from the [[I AM Presence]] in the planes of [[Spirit]], and descends to the planes of [[Matter]], where it manifests as the [[threefold flame]] anchored in the [[secret chamber of the heart]] for the sustainment of the [[soul]] in Matter and the nourishment of the [[four lower bodies]].
 h Spanish (es)Corriente de vida que emana de la Fuente única, de la [[Special:MyLanguage/I AM Presence|Presencia YO SOY]] en los planos del [[Special:MyLanguage/Spirit|Espíritu]], y desciende a los planos de la [[Special:MyLanguage/Matter|Materia]] donde se manifiesta en forma de [[Special:MyLanguage/threefold flame|llama trina]] anclada en la [[Special:MyLanguage/secret chamber of the heart|cámara secreta del corazón]] para sustentar al [[Special:MyLanguage/soul|alma]] en la Materia y nutrir a los [[Special:MyLanguage/four lower bodies|cuatro cuerpos inferiores]].
 h Message documentation (qqq)SGOA