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 h English (en)The '''mass mind'''; the collective consciousness of humanity; the collective [[unconscious]] of the race; the lowest common denominator of mankind’s collective awareness vibrating at the level of the [[astral plane]]. The mass mind is the collective, computerized, programmed mind of humanity.
 h Spanish (es)La '''mente de masas'''; la conciencia colectiva de la humanidad; el [[Special:MyLanguage/unconscious|inconsciente]] colectivo de la raza; el más bajo común denominador de la percepción colectiva de la humanidad que vibra en el nivel del [[Special:MyLanguage/astral plane|plano astral]]. La mente de las masas es la mente colectiva, computerizada, programada de la humanidad.
 h Portuguese (pt)A '''consciência de massa'''; a consciência coletiva da humanidade; o [[Special:MyLanguage/unconscious|inconsciente]] coletivo da raça; o menor denominador comum da consciência coletiva da humanidade, vibrando no nível do [[Special:MyLanguage/astral plane|plano astral]]. A mente de massa é a mente coletiva, computadorizada e programada da humanidade.
 h Message documentation (qqq)SGOA and Google Translate

There appears to be an error in translation in SGOA Spanish. "The "mass mind" is omitted. Google Translate has "La "mente de masas"" for this. Seems reasonable, so I have inserted that.

"the collective unconscious of the race" is translated as "la conciencia colectiva de la raza", i.e. the "collective consciousness of the race". Used Google Translate to replace this with "inconsciente colectivo" (from Google Translate)