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 h English (en)The retreat of [[Purity and Astrea]] is located in the etheric plane over the Gulf of Archangel, the southeast arm of the White Sea, Russia. The retreat focuses the energies of the [[base-of-the-spine chakra]] of the planet. The etheric focus interpenetrates with the physical on the nearby plains.
 h Spanish (es)El retiro de [[Special:MyLanguage/Purity and Astrea|Pureza y Astrea]] se encuentra en el plano etérico, sobre el golfo del Arcángel, el brazo suroriental del mar Blanco, en Rusia. El retiro concentra las energías del [[Special:MyLanguage/Base-of-the-spine chakra|chakra de la base]] del planeta. El foco etérico se cruza con el plano físico en las planicies cercanas.