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 h English (en)There are lower and higher forms of samadhi. In the lower, the yogi attains identification with the spiritual teacher, guru or deity he has chosen to contemplate. In the highest form there is no separation between Atman and [[Brahman]]. As Shankara describes it: “There is no longer any identification of the Atman with its coverings.”<ref>Shankara, quoted in Prabhavananda and Isherwood, ''How to Know God'', p. 93.</ref> This is the great mystery of the inner path of Hinduism.
 h Spanish (es)Existen formas de samadhi superiores e inferiores. En las inferiores, el yogui alcanza la identificación con el instructor espiritual, gurú o deidad que ha elegido contemplar. En la forma superior no existe separación entre Atman y [[Special:MyLanguage/Brahman|Brahman]]. Como lo describe Shankara: «Ya no existe una identificación del Atman con sus envolturas»<ref>Shankara, citado en Prabhavananda y Isherwood, ''Cómo conocer a Dios'', pág. 93.</ref>. Este es el gran misterio del sendero interior del hinduismo.