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According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the noun stump in early American usage referred to “the stump of a large felled tree used as a stand or platform for a speaker”; hence, the word came to be used to refer to “a place or an occasion of political oratory.” As defined in Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (tenth edition), the verb stump means “To travel over a region making political speeches or supporting a cause.”

In a landmark dictation given June 30, 1976, in Washington, D.C., Pallas Athena inaugurated the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. Soon after, El Morya called the Messenger “to stump.” He said: “Stump as though you were running for election. Stump for Jesus and Saint Germain and the message of the eternal Christ.”

Following that call, the Messenger stumped to bring the message of the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness to over one hundred cities across America and Canada, as well as to cities in Ghana, Liberia, India, Europe, the British Isles, Australia, the Philippines and Mexico. She also conducted numerous seminars, classes and conferences around the world and at the Church’s headquarters. In a dictation given June 30, 1993, Pallas Athena passed the torch for stumping to every chela. She said: “As I did send the Messenger, so now I send you. I come to call you, to sponsor you, to go before those of you who would go two by two to the nations.”[1]


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